I've recently decided to pull my sponsor fees 
and offer swaps instead!

- Minimum blog follower requirement of 200 in order to be eligible for sponsor swaps
- First come first serve
- Must provide your own button in the size requested
- Scroll for stats

- 3 large spaces/month 
- Rotated with every page load
- Individual feature post with short bio & links
- Option of giveaway, product review or guest post

- 6 medium spaces/month
- Located under large spaces and will be rotated with each page load
- Shared  post with short bio, 3 photos and 4 links
- Option to do giveaway or submit item for review.

- 9 small spaces/month
- Located under medium ads and will be rotated with each page load
- Option to do giveaway or submit item for review

Sponsor giveaways will be grouped into one post and have multiple winners.  Everyone gets more exposure this way!  Giveaway items can include an item from your store or service from your business(if applicable), gift cards, a sponsor spot on your blog(if applicable), one of your favorite things, etc.  The possibilities are really endless and they all drive traffic to your blog or business!

Lacey in Love Stats:Total followers via Blogger, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook: 2,816 [as of June 2012]
Total page views in the last year: 493,794 [from May '11-May '12]
Average monthly page views: 38,112 [from May '11-May '12]
Average daily page views: 1,345 [from May '11-May '12]
Highest page views in one day: 23,929 (Woah baby!  Not kidding!  Pinterest popular page sends my numbers soaring from time to time!)

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