Sunday, January 4, 2009

A shopping we will go...

I went shopping today :) I had gift cards that were burning a hole in my wallet... here were my favorite purchases!

This looks better on...
These are so cute & vintage-y
I got a pair of these in red... they match a necklace my Mom has from when she was a teenager! Can't wait to borrow it :)
Then I indulged in some supplies to lead me down my Gypsy Road! I can't wait to start playing around and see what happens! It will feel so nice to breathe some fresh air into my shop! Pictures to come once I put these supplies to use!

7 love notes:

  1. Love that dress...where did you get it?

  2. I want that dress....I have to know where you got it...I'm going to a ball in Feb and I need that dress!

  3. ooh I love them, I think we need a fashion show though

  4. Okay this is me catching am I behind!! I love love love those shoes!! I can't do heels but man alive do I love those must take picture of you wearing them!!


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