Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nap time diary

I now understand all the ridiculous things that Moms savor, because as we speak I have a 6 month  old and a 10 month old in the deep throws of nap time.  HOLY SWEET DOUBLE NAP.   I also now understand the struggle that comes along with such glorious moments, like having to make the decision to either workout or sit here on the couch in yoga clothes and watch Kelly & Michael.  That struggle is so real, y'all.  I threw that moment a curve ball and decided to pick up my computer and write a bit while I sit on the couch(& watch Kelly & Michael).  As we speak there is a woman dancing in her bathing suit on live television & well, that makes me feel a tad wrong about not choosing the workout.  I'll do it later.  I swear.  Kind of.  Who the heck are these women volunteering for this task?  Something is wrong with them, right?  Even in the best shape of my life I wouldn't have jumped on that "opportunity".  Ick.

Let's throw it into random mode, shall we?  We shall!

I turn thirty next week.  Holy crap, how did that happen?  Remember 25 year old Lacey?  Prepping a "Life at 29" post as we speak.
I was a fresh 25 here, being silly with my girlfriends

Recently I have been itching to get crafty.  I've done A LOT of home projects and A LOT of sewing in the last year, but I haven't really had an opportunity to pull of the glitter and glue and pom poms, OH MY!  So when my sister's began planning my nieces birthdays, I hopped right in there and got crafty with their themes.  My baby doll, Lindlee, turns one in September & she is having a vintage circus party and my sweet Julia(doll face, for those of you who have been around forever) turns 6 next weekend and is ringing it in with a(WHAT ELSE?) Frozen party.

Last weekend, MR's best friend's wife(who I consider a good friend, myself) had her baby shower for her first baby, Nora.  I made Miss Nora all kinds of cute monogrammed goodness, but completely blanked on photographing any of it.  I will just have to wait until she is here & wearing it, I suppose!  MR brought me to the shower & went to lunch with the baby daddy to be and then after picking me up, totally made my day by taking me thrifting!  He's a boy who is always after my heart, I tell you.  I snagged this Bob Seger record that takes me right back to my childhood(Mama loves some Bob Seger, y'all!) and snapped this photo to send to her.  She was proud to say the least.

The alarm is sounding(ahem, baby screaming).
See you soon, sweet friends.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A letter to my MR

Dear Mr.,
     In case you were wondering, it has been 410 days since I gave you a shiny new ring and you gave me a shiny new last name.  A last name I'm so proud to share with you and hopefully a couple of littles someday.  I think I want three.  One that looks like me, one that looks like you and then one that is such a perfect mixture of the two of us that we can't decide who they look the most like.  Of course that won't stop me from teasing you that obviously that child looks just like their Mama.
     I hope that every day you know how grateful I am that you are mine.  You are such a loving and deserving man and I hope that I can always be everything you've always wanted.  Every day I wake up next to you is a day that God has answered my prayers.  I can't explain to you what a gift it is to be able to say that.  It's fun to look back and remember the beginning and so much fun to look forward and imagine our future, but I want you to know that I am loving the present.  I love every exciting, lazy, crazy, boring, sweet, gorgeous day with you.
     Cheers to you for finding a way to make pink puffy hearts pop out of my eyes every. single. day.  I love you & I always will.  Bet you a dollar.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self

Every once in a while, I get completely overwhelmed with life.  Whether I have something big going on or I am just drowning in everyday tasks... overwhelmed is overwhelmed, folks!
Here are a few things I do to try to get back on track and take better care of myself!

no way...get a swifter...
[somebody introduce this chick to a swiffer]
It may sound silly, but nothing works as quickly to put me in a better, more relaxed mood than to have a clean space.  I will work/live more efficiently if the space I am working/living in is neat and organized.  Organize your space and feel instantly lighter!

5 stretches to do in the morning. I could do these while praying. A better option than hitting the snooze alarm. :)
[clean your feet first. hers? not so clean. what's up with that?]
Sometimes it's five minutes in the morning to stretch, or five minutes in the middle of the day to shut my eyes and breathe, five minutes before bed to pray, five minutes on the porch swing in the evening to listen to the birds.  Take five minutes and do what you will with them!

::pumpkin spice candles::
[fall, take me away!]
Think of a smell that makes you happy.  Maybe it's cookies baking or coffee.  Or maybe something more fresh, like crisp apples or fresh laundry?  Go out and buy a candle with your "happy scent" and fire that bad boy up next time you're feeling stressed.


[In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, AMEN!]
We NEED sleep.  There is no way around it.  Call it quits an hour early and get a little extra shut eye.  It will make all the difference come 10am the next morning.  10am is when I hit a big old wall of sleepy. I start daydreaming about my bed, my pillows, the breeze from my ceiling fan hitting my face, my dark bedroom.... whoops, there I go!

"spinspinspin"  By smile its shan []  Shannon on Flickr!
[okay, okay... maybe your song is easier found via youtube, but this photo was much dreamier, alright?]
You know when you're driving in your car and a song comes on that just changes your day?  You're dancing, you're wiping tears, you're smiling... whatever.  That song that makes you feel something?  Stop what you're doing and put that song on!  BOOM, mood changed.

There you go, five things you can try next time you are feeling utterly overwhelmed with life.
Don't say I never gave you anything!

Monday, June 23, 2014

I am happy

Again, months have passed and I have stayed away.  Oftentimes I feel like I don't have anything to give here.  I need to remember, I'm not giving... I'm keeping.  I have PLENTY to keep, y'all!
Since my last post, things have changed.  Big, beautiful, drastic changes!
November 26, 2013: Last day at the office job! There is said office behind me, where it belongs!

For the last six months I have been a stay at home aunt & housewife(housewife?  homemaker? I haven't decided which sounds less June Cleaver yet...)  Anyway, that's what I am.  It's what I've always been deep down.  I just want to take care of people, make them smile, make myself smile, laugh, make a difference, spread some love.  Everyday I wake up happy and looking forward to the day.  My girls and I, we have the best time together.  I feel so blessed that my siblings trust me to help raise up their littles. They make my heart burst on the regular, y'all!
 Playgroup Christmas party kisses with E [December 11, 2013]
 Pre-nap snuggles with an itty bitty L [January 8, 2014]
 Visiting Baba & Papa [April 1, 2014]
Modeling her bib I made her for Disney World [April 24, 2014]
In about a month, my sweet E will be moving on to big girl school & my nephew, A, will be coming to stay.  I am looking forward to having the little dude, but already tearing up thinking about not having E here regularly.  Thank the good Lord these babes are related to me and I can see them just about whenever I want!

And, THAT folks, is what I have been up to!
Pretty great, huh?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The road less traveled

So this is my life And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad. I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.
For a little over a year I have been working in an office setting.  I work with my step sister and with two other women who have become friends to me.  I was brought in just to answer phones and take appointments... this was to be my "easy job" & then I would come home and sew(which is where my heart is).  "Extra money" is what Mr. & I were thinking when I agreed to take this job on.   We both kind of had it in our heads that I would do it for 1 year.  Well, let me tell you something.  Working 40 hours a week outside of the home and then coming home and sewing?  It wasn't easy.  Slowly but surely I stopped taking orders.  The wedding slowed things down for sure, and then moving slowed things down, and now here I am... and I'm just too tired to do it all.  The 1 year came and went and now I'm in month 3 of the second year.  I need to say something that I have only said to my husband... and I probably need to say it OUT LOUD to people who care about me, but I'll start here.
 I am unhappy.  My brain feels wasted.  I've gained unwanted weight from sitting at a desk all day. I'm always tired.  Leaving my house in the morning is getting harder and harder.  I wear a smiling mask to make everyone else comfortable, but inside I am a sad girl.
Saying that makes me feel wildly uncomfortable and ungrateful.  I'm lucky to have a job and a wonderful, supportive husband.  I'm lucky to have friends and family who would sit and listen to me if I were brave enough to speak  up and ask for opinions or help.  I'm really a lucky woman.
So why not go back to what I was doing before?  It's simple.  I'm scared.  Business changes with the seasons... it's not a steady paycheck like I have now.(Though, let me go on record and say my paycheck is sad and I am miserably under-payed for all of the responsibility I have taken on.)
 I could try harder. I could put myself out there more.  I could do it.  (I can do it... right?)
I am sick of curling up in a ball when my work day is done.  I'm sick of putting off responsibilities because I am depressed and all I want to do is sleep when I get home.  I am not this girl.
I don't want to be this girl anymore.

Kid President to the rescue.
"This is life people.  You got air coming through your nose.  You gotta heart beat.  IT'S TIME TO DO SOMETHING."
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