Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Writer's Workshop: As We Speak(Ahem, Blog)

Take a picture of yourself right this minute without primping and explain to us why it is you have not washed your hair today.
(I used my webcam for the first time ever... the outcome is a little blurry, but it did the trick!)
"Hrm, what will I write about since I HAVE indeed washed my hair today?"
"Ooo, maybe about the creepy Angelina Octu-Mom!?" (This is my best impression, don't judge me.)
"Nah, I'm sick of hearing about her... I won't contribute to her fame. I would, however, kick her in the shin if I saw her in public. Then I'd stick out my tongue like this and say, ' You just got kicked in the shin, SUCKA. Boo Yow!'

Alright... I'm just gonna talk about whatever I feel like.

Today, I WOKE UP IN A GOOD MOOD! Whhhhaaat? I know! It's like I opened my big fat mouth and BAM, turned it all around. I actually passed out while watching a movie at Boy's last night, so we woke up and snuggled and chatted before he had to get ready for work. After all that goodness, I headed off for lunch and some random errands with my Sister. Doll Face will be 6 months on Sunday, and in my family we celebrate 6 months of life with a half birthday party! My Mom even makes 1/2 a cake :) I try every year to get someone, ANYONE to celebrate my 1/2 birthday... but they never go for it. Haha. Wanna know a secret? TODAY IS MY HALF BIRTHDAY! Yes, yes... I am 24 1/2 today. Annnnyyyway, we had to go shopping for some party supplies. We ended up with some cute Hello Kitty plates, napkins & party hats. The rest of the evening was spent playing with Monkey Man, sewing & muggin' on Doll Face. NOT a bad way to spend an evening, my friends.
Not bad at all!

(Uhm, yes... I am wearing red white and blue star pajama bottoms. I'm kind of like Miss America that way.)

**edited to add** My first two commenters are on some type of recreational drug and think I look a little too decent in these pics. Yes, yes... they are all too kind! I would have busted an old school Glamour Shots boa and some lip gloss out if so! Would it help if I told you I smelled like a Dorito? Cause I do. A big ol' stinky cheese Dorito. YUM.

19 love notes:

  1. Sorry, these pictures of you are too cute to post for a non primping picture. :)

  2. I'll second Michelle.

    Isn't it neat when you wake up in a happy mood?

  3. I'll third Michelle. You MUST be cheating.

    ( wont like my post! Nevermind.)

  4. So you are unbelievably adorable and Doritos are my all time favorite chip... so there!

    I have no idea who Angelina ... oh wait, yes I do, LOL, NICE!

  5. You're too dang pajamas and all.

  6. You are so cute! I hope you have a great day!

  7. Nice pictures. And I agree with you, I'm not very impressed with the crazy octu-mom. If you see her give her a kick for me.

  8. Is it sad that the first thing I noticed in the 2nd picture was the Target bag? I really need a Target 12-step program!

  9. You kick one shin and I'll kick another. :)

    You do look cute, and I'm sticking to it!

  10. I just noticed the pajama bottoms when you typed about it LOL
    You do look great!!

  11. Happy Half Birthday!! I totally try to celebrate mine and send messages to all my friends and family on their half birthdays but they just look at me like a silly fool. Anyways, I hope you enjoy your day and remember you only have 6 more months as a 24 year it up!!!

  12. OK, you're a jerk - You look way too cute for the non primping post!
    BTW...I totally celebrate my half birthday! I wish I lived near you and would go out for drinks on our half birthdays.

    btw...totally kidding about calling you a jerk

  13. Great pics!!! You kick her in the shin and I'll stuff birth control pills down her throat....who said that?!

  14. You're soooooo prettyyy it's unfair..
    HAHA :)

  15. You do look good in the photos!!

    Happy 24 half day!

  16. Is it wrong that I just want to make out with you!?!

  17. Yay! Happy half birthday. PS- Be more adorable, k?! Thanks.

  18. You look fab :D

    By the way, we totally celebrate HALF birthdays in my family too :D


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