Monday, April 13, 2009

I'd Lick That

You know how certain celebs and tv personalities have their certain little catch phrases?
Paris Hilton - "That's Hot."
Rachael Zoe - "I die."
Christian Sirian0 - "That's fierce!"
JJ - "Dyn-0-mite!"
Me? Well, okaaaay...
Lacey - "I'd lick that."

That's right people. I don't know why I say this, really. I don't tend to go around licking things I like, but when refering to how much I like something, it's just what slips out of my mouth. So, without further adieu I present...
----design addition----
Brick Wall! Oh how I love thee, exposed brick. I yearn for you. I ask Boy everytime we're somewhere with exposed brick... "can I have one?" That headboard is actually the same as Boy's current headboard, but his is black.

This just makes me happy! If it doesn't make you happy, something is wrong with you. You should probably have that looked at. (I think I found this at Made By Girl, but don't hold me to it! It's been in my design dream folder for a while. Either way, her blog is so lovely & I'm sure you'll see something you like there!)

I L.O.V.E. this duvet. I hate duvets in general(they never stay where they are supposed to), but this one is gorg. Me likey.

This dresser & I are soulmates. Know what I like about it? I like that it would be SO EASY to upcycle an old plain dresser to look just like this one!

All of these pictures(unless otherwise stated)were found via google. Gotta love google!

What's YOUR catch phrase?

11 love notes:

  1. Omg...I am cracking up here! That is a great line! Too funny! I don't really have a phrase line...I say "Seriously!?!" about a million times a day! It is mainly used when someone is acting like an idiot...mainly when I'm driving! Hehehe..road rage much? yep.

  2. I always say "Oh Hello"...not as good as I'd lick that (seriously, what's that about LOL) but I constantly say it and it works for everything, try it

  3. I like your catchy phrase. got me thinking..I should have my signature phrase, too.

  4. I'd lick that too.

    I say, "Oh snap!" all the time. Can't help it.

  5. I don't think I have a catch phrase... at least not one that can be repeated in most public places, ha. I say "rad" a lot... I think I'll go with that. :-)

    I'm totally with you about the exposed brick! I LOVE brick! Over the weekend I saw a design show where this couple was painting the outside of their brick house this yellowish color, and I think I actually felt my heart break.

  6. ha ha.. love i'd lick that almost as much as i love the term "bliching"!
    i usually say, shut up! or shut the front door!

  7. I say things like "Know what I mean?" a LOT! I also say "Seriously" a million times a day. Lately however, my main catchphrase is "I'd videotape that" or "I wanna watch!" lmao!

  8. LOL i wonder what my catch phrase is. :P

  9. I'd lick that? My perception of you is altered forever! I say "Clearly" way too much... as in: "Clearly, I wore the wrong jacket today!" or "Clearly, nobody thinks that's nearly as funny as I do." I'm thinking of trying out "indubidously"

  10. When someone in my life is a cutie or does something cute, I find myself saying, "You're so cute - I just want to put you in my pocket". I don't say it much these days, I just point and pat my pocket and they get the drift. Ha ha.

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