Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whatever happened to Pogs?

That's right... I said Pogs.
Whatever happened to them? Where did they go? Why aren't they cool anymore?

If you're over the age of 30, odds are you are either thinking...
a) Lacey, what the heck is a pog?
b) I never understood why pogs were cool.
& if you're thinking either of those... no fear, I'll gladly explain what a pog is and why they are cool and you are not.
I kid, I kid! I'm actually about to stand in line next to you and say...
"I don't get kids today", because apparently I'm 25 going on 65.
So, scootch on over.
Soap box, please? Ahem, ahem, ahem...
What is up with Silly Bandz?
About 2 months ago, I noticed some goofy lookin' high school kids walking through the mall with these super ugly jelly type bracelets on.

I, of course, being older, wiser and SUPER cool(eh, go with me)... wanted to pull them aside, point to their wrists and say, "Ehhh, NAHSOMUCH." ,while making my sour milk face. Instead, I turned to my sister and said, "What the hell are those kids wearing?" Which, now that I think about it was a loaded question, because the Silly Bandz were the least of some of their problems. (We'll talk about pockets hanging out of the bottom of booty shorts, bra straps with halter tops & white eyeliner some other day.)
For those of you out of the loop(don't feel bad), I'll give you a quick wikipedia definition of Silly Bandz.
Silly Bandz are silicone rubber bands, developed by Zanybandz, that are shaped as animals, objects, letters, and more. They are generally worn as necklaces and bracelets by grade school children.
I found this amazing video on Youtube to show you how Silly Bandz are even helping kids get laid &, I have to tell you, Pogs never got anyone laid... so maybe these kids are on to something?

Seriously girls? You're sweating over this guy who is wearing a kangaroo bracelet when he could have clearly picked one of the many "masculine" shaped bracelets? I'd check his cd collection before planning your wedding... you may be better suited as BFF's. Where there are kangaroos, there are princess crowns... or ya know, where there's smoke, there's fire. I'm just sayin.

As all fads do, this one will fade, of course. I suspect that in a few months all of these kiddos will think Silly Bandz are dorky.
& I have to tell you... they'll be right.

Mama's Losin' It

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  1. that is sooo funny you posted this because my girls are KNEE deep in silly bands! i too was lost when they first started popping up EVERYWHERE in my house and i was like what in the world is this strange lookin tiara?!?! and then i learned quick...hahaha

    and YES! just this weekend when i was trying to explain them to someone i compared them to pogs...ha! so funny!

  2. They look stupid, but we had stupid stuff that our parents hated!! Tagged you in my blog!!

  3. I'm kind of glad I had never heard of these ugly things until now. It's always interesting what kids are into. And yes, I had many a pog! And a teddy bear backpack purse, and clear jelly shoes, and of course at least 3 Tamagotchis...

  4. Hahaha pogs were the coolest! I had a million of them!

  5. Visiting from Mama Kats ...

    Don't EVEN get me started on Silly Bandz!!! My Little One is 5 and they are all the rage at his school. It is NUTS. I thought it was an elementary school thing. Then, when we were all Hallmark buying a pack, the lady was telling me this goes all the way up to the high school and college level!!!!! WTF???!!!

  6. my girls wear silly bands!!!! I hate them but they are no different than the "slap bracelets" i used to wear when i was younger!

  7. Thank god someone else has brought this up! I have had customer after customer ask me if our store sells these stupid silly band things.

    I had NO IDEA what they were and I to had to go to my younger brother and ask "um hi, wth are those things on those kids wrists" lol.

    I mean come least pogs you could play that game with and stuff haha.

  8. As a fellow over 30 cool girl I know all about the Pogs. They were dumb. And I also know all about the bracelets and what the signify. I enjoy talking to the middle school kids at the bus stop and they like to tell me things. Probably because I favor a middle school kid myself with my chucks and striped knee high socks, but whatever, it helps me be the super-secret-super spy I've always longed to be!

  9. POGS! Omg, I loved Pogs and recently while my sister and I were cleaning out our old rooms, we found our collection. I was sad to throw them out but ultimately, we did.

    And I have never in my life heard of Silly Bandz! Man do I feel like an old, boring, adult! Ew. :)

  10. I just found out about these last night and was flabberghasted at the ridiculousness of them all. Which got us talking about Garbage Pail Kids and Pogs too!

  11. I used to love pogs! I don't get those stupid bands either! Hopefully it'll pass quickly :)

  12. Loved pogs and collecting the slammers:)

  13. hahaha i never seen them around and i still have no idea what pogs are lols....but i love the post it reminds me of all the stuff i BEGGED my mom for when i was in grade school :) i think they're all silly now!!! what was i thinking....

  14. You know, I would have loved to step up on my soapbox for this Writer's Workshop prompt, but I have no idea what's "in" for kids these days. I'm not really exposed to many children anymore... All I know is there's a lot of ridiculous stuff out there, including 10-year-olds dressing like hookers while chatting away on their cell phones. ugh.

  15. Funny! Why can't I come up with a really lame idea that kids will want to buy up and make me lots of money? Why?

  16. Love this post!! Pogs is my name of endearment from my boyfriend.

  17. I still don't understand this ridicularity. Pogs? I still don't know what they are but I really never liked to wear any of that crap. Well, maybe, when I was a goth kid, i wore inverted crosses, pentagrams and leather bracelets among other things. But that was COOLZ, compared to this colorful silly crap.

    Me thinks.

    Now i'm all old fashioned and stuff.

  18. i never got into pogs.. so this would definitely not have been one fad i would have gotten into.

    seriously - kids these days!

  19. OMG somehow I unfollowed you and I just spent the last 10 minutes catching up!
    Glad I did, and that I didn't send out my book club book :)
    MR is a cutie!

  20. I can't believe you brought up Pogs! They were so weird but I liked them back in their day . . . but I've never heard of these band things. I don't go to the mall much or hang out with teens all too often so it's no surprise I haven't heard of them.
    Can I just admit right now that I don't get them either?!

  21. eehh, never heard of them and honestly...they are not cool and neither are the kids that are wearing them. I, on the otherhand AM cool cause I DON'T wear them.....and I get laid whenever the heck I want (being married has it's hahahaha!!

  22. DUDE, pogs totally rock. I still have my collection, im going to give them to my kids!

  23. See this actually something I've heard about. I'm just glad that my daughter hasn't.

  24. Oh my gosh! Pogs! I taught Kindergarten when these things were popular and I still have no idea what the point was. Like a Hawaiian version of marbles I think? My entire class had cases for them and sparkly "slammers" and they would trade them all day long.

    Are these silly bandz anything like the colored jelly bracelets from a few years ago? Each color represented how far a girl would go with a guy. Yikes!

  25. Hahhahaa, don't hate on the sillybandz! I think they are kinda fun...I have a few..I would never wear a million on one arm because hello, I'm not 12..but they are cute.

    Pogs are so fun! I used to have a pog making machine.

  26. I dunno. My neices have the silly bandz and I think they're kind of cute. (She just got the Red Sox pack last weekend and had to show them to me) They look like the jelly bracelets that everyone used to pile on in the 80's.

  27. Ok,let's talk about these goofy bracelets for a minute. The kids at my school are obsessed with them! Boys and girls! One of them gave me a frog the other day because it matched my green shirt, nice gesture but a jelly frog around my wrist really isn't my style. Thankshaveaniceday. And I can't even begin to talk about that video! Holy moly!

  28. Wow..i've never seen those Silly Bandz before! They must not have them over here in the UK..either that or i'm rather out of the loop/too old to be 'down with the kids' anymore. (i'm also 25).
    They do look pretty naff though...

    Pogs however, were awesome!! I had so so many! And a lovely collection of the big heavy silver slammers..


  29. I had pogs! We used to play at school, until the banned it because it was a form of gambling. So I just wound up playing with my brother at home

  30. You totally just aged me & many others with the pogs :)-
    What did ever happen to those?!

    Never seen those bracelets, but they are definitely NOT coming in this house on my kids wrists. Lol

  31. i AM over 30 and i AM wondering what the heck pogs are.

    As for those awful bracelets....I so hope Taylor realizes he is WAY cooler than that. hope hope hope

  32. oh I LOVED pogs and slammers...I teach 3rd and 4th grade and one of my kiddos came up to me a few weeks back and asked me if I had ever heard of them. It was the first time I had thought of them since my pog-making days when I had that awesome little machine that made them. :) And they are crazy over those goofy bracelets.....glad to see I'm not the only one that doesnt' get the fad. Wouldn't it be "cooler" if you could see what the design was instead of it being all stretched out?!

    ps. Love your blog!!


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