Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tag Team In The House! Jump, Jump For Joy!

♥C♥ tagged me with a What's In Your Purse? game, so here goes!

Here's the bag I'm using right now...

And here's what's going on in there!

Granola bar- Quaker Chocolate Peanut Butter
Lipstick- Nivea Kiss of Flavor/Hand Sanitizer- Quik Spray/Wallet- Target/Keychain- cards & holder- Samsung Hue

(I use the leopard print sunglass case(Rue21) as a carrier for all of the stuff on top of it. I also use it to keep my lady things hidden away, so they don't come spilling out at the WalMart check out. BEEN. THERE.)

Oh & I just switched purses, so this is literally everything that is in my purse! Normally there would be some random junk in there! ;)

Annnnd Carrin tagged me with a 6 Unimportant Things That Make You Happy game!

1.) Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry

2.) Snickers Ice Cream bars

3.) An open sun roof

4.) Blogs

5.) Sweet tea

(Made by Girl, Jennifer Ramos)

6.) Fresh flowers :)

And Sweet Jenny gave me a "Lovely Blog" award that I can't seem to copy to my blog right now b/c of the goofiness that's been going on with the "Internet Explorer can't open this site... operation aborted!" box that pops up.

Who else has had their fill of that? Kat said it had something to do with the followers application, so I removed mine from my blog and it's been working fine since then. If you've been having the same problem and want it fixed... that's a quick fix. I assume the people at Blogger are working on it.

Alright, so I'll tag a few people too!(but I'm not linking, because I'm about to fall asleep! Sorry!)
Molly(Stilettos & Diapers)
Amanda(Serenity Now)
Andhari(Insomniac Lolita)
Bird Shit & Baby Caca
LeAnna(The Hills)
Pick whichever you like or do both! I don't care if you do them now or in a month or never! I don't always do mine right after people tag me! :) Takes me a bit sometimes!

8 love notes:

  1. Really like the glasses case idea!! Ymmmm snicker ice cream bar....

  2. I have to do my purse tag today for that. Add in two kids, and everything in your purse doubles!!!

  3. I love your purse! And I also love the idea to use a sunglasses case to hold all the little stuff/lady stuff. Awesome!

  4. Fun tag! Thanks for including me. :) I'm going to try to fill it out soon. I have a couple of those awards that I forgot about too. (blushing) Have a good weekend! :)

  5. The purse is super cute! I think it suits you :)

  6. Oh your bag is so cute!!
    And I love the 'whats in your bag' game. Lol
    Although mine would probably be a whole list because my bag is BIG.

  7. this tag looks like fun! it will keep me entertained at work today!!! I can't stop thinking about Snickers now too...YUM

  8. Oh my stars. Your clutch is to die for.


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