Friday, May 1, 2009

Winner :)

Time for a WINNER!
Here were all of my entries...
I fluffed. I mixed. I pulled.
I had a winner! I was happy for her in that moment & then suddenly felt bad for the rest of you!
So I reached in and pulled again! I don't know what that 2nd person is going to get yet... I'll figure that out tomorrow! Ha!

Alright, here are the Winners!

I know Trish is going to do a happy dance, y'all! She was VERY determined to win! Yayyyy Trish! See, those extra 2 entries did you good!
Remember! You have to do at least one journaling post for me! I'm going to post yours on my blog too :) Spread the journaling love! I know yours will be lovely b/c you're so crafty!
& Molly, you'll be getting a nice little surprise in the mail, girlfriend!
You girls send me your addresses! lacey_inthesky at yahoo dot com

Thank you to everyone who entered! I got to read a whole bunch of blogs I've never visted before & still have more to go check out! :)

3 love notes:

  1. totally happy dance! :) super duper excited!!!!

  2. i'll email you tomorrow, 'cause it's late and the fluffy pillow is callin' my name! I so can't wait to do my first entry!!!!


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