Friday, July 24, 2009

De-Funk Your Fashion Friday: Just call her "Dorothy Gale"...

Nawww, it's Amy!

L: You're related to Judy Garland? My friend Molly would give her big toe to be able to claim that! What's your favorite Judy movie?
Yes, Judy Garland is my great Aunt! My favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz! I love the song, "Over the Rainbow", it just brings tears to my eyes.

L: Mine too!(I also love Judy in Meet Me in St. Louis!) Next question! You have 24 hours to yourself. What do you do?
I would sleep in until 10am, then head out for a mani/pedi. After, I would have lunch with a friend and go shopping. After shopping I would head home to read a good book and take a nap. Wake up for a Lobster dinner and some red wine, then go for a walk. I would end my day with a hot bath and a fun movie!

L: Well, that sounds just lovely! Your daughter's name is Alyce! I love that! :) What were your other thoughts as far as names went?
With my daughter I only had one name in mind and that was Alyce. We had to come up with a middle name and we came up with Jayne. The spelling was the difficult part! Like: Alice Jayne, Alyce Jane, or Alyce Jayne (which we ended up choosing). So no others names crossed my mind or my husband's! She was named after her great grandmother who passed away of ovarian cancer early in life.

L: That's a lovely tribute to your Grandmother. :) Such a classic name! Last question, Amy!
Pick one! Ice cream or Cocktail?
A hard question ice cream or a cocktail? It depends on the day. If it is way too hot outside I love to go to a mom and pop shop that has yummy cookie dough peanut butter in a waffle cone. But after a long day I may like a nice glass of red wine.

L: Well, that wasn't picking one at all, now was it? Haha! It's okay, that was probably the hardest question I asked. I loved chatting with you, Amy! I hope you like the outfit!

Of course it's Wizard of Oz inspired! Right down to the panties, my friend! I don't play around! I wanted to choose something that would be condusive to having that perfect 24 hours of "you time"! Here's hoping you get to have it soon!
P.S. Happy belated Birthday, girl! Hope it was perfection!

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  1. She sounds lovely! I like the outfit you pick for her, especially the red wedges :)

  2. This is super cute....Love red right now.

  3. This is so cute! Especially the panties!

  4. CUTE!!! And how cool to be related to Judy Garland!!! :)

  5. Related to Judy Garland?!


  6. This was so great...

    Thank for doing this I will add it to my blog just in a few...

  7. I'm here from Amy's blog, love that outfit, it's adorable!!!

  8. lol this was fun! and i just love amy! you did a great job with the outfit!!! new follower!


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