Friday, June 19, 2009

The Return of The De-Funk!

De-Funk Your Fashion Friday is back! Today is the first installment in a while & it's also the first post that I'm using my new and improved interview method instead of the all consuming write-ups I used to do!
I know, I know, you're excited! Be cool my babies! You want me to keep talkin' or just get right into it? WHAT? You want me to get right into it? Well, that was kinda rude. I'll remember that. Fine, here we go!
Up today is Vivienne from The V Spot!
She's funny & pretty & has a lovely little life and family. She rekindled a romance with her high school sweetheart, and that's what has inspired this outfit. I wanted it to feel vintage and romantic :)
All I'm gonna say is Va-Va-Voom! I love it!
(as always, click the pic to find out where the items are from and prices!)
L: You made a love connection with your high school sweetheart at your 15 year reunion… SO SWEET! Tell me your favorite memory of him in high school!
V: I don't have a specific memory. Many of them are specific snippets in time - they way he looked when he took notes in History class. The way his car door squeaked and how he would come around and open mine... things like that. They all enhanced that time period. But what I remember most is that we laughed a lot.
One of the cornerstones of our relationship is completely screwing with the other person. Not practical jokes, but more verbal banter. We have always had good natured teasing and smart-assery going on. (Still do to this day.)

L: I love that! Tell me more!

V: We take turns "one-upping" the other. A perfect example of our relationship: One night we went out to dinner at an upscale seafood restaurant. There was a basket on the table with fresh baked, crusty bread. My husband, on the other side of the table, mowed through it, crumbs flying everywhere. I went to the restroom. When I came back and was sitting back down, I noticed there were piles and piles of bread crumbs on the table in front of me. At that moment, the waiter came with the little crumb scraper for the table and cleaned up the mess in front of me, sort of rolling his eyes a bit. Hubby had pushed all the crumbs to my side of the table and let me take the fall for making such a huge mess.

I got him back several months later when we were in an ice cream shop, getting milkshakes (served in tall glasses). Our son dropped his spoon, and as I was desperately trying to save the spoon, I knocked over the milkshake in the process. Milkshake everywhere, a total mess. I went up to "get help" and told the waiter that my husband knocked it over. I just waited outside until they were done. :)

L: 4 boys! Do you enjoy being the only girl around or do you wish you had someone’s nails to paint?
V: Sure sometimes, when I've heard one fart joke too many, or when I find that the source of an odor is that someone shoved a stinky sock underneath a couch cushion, rather than put it in a hamper... sure, a girl would be nice. However, I see the drama that my friends who have daughters are going through, and I think "Thanks, I'm good."
L: I feel you. We girls are a lot of work! Speaking of your friends...

A while back you wrote a post about having drinks with friends at HOB. You included a cute pic of you and your girls. Seriously, the really tan one looks freakishly familiar. Why? (this is an honest to God question! Haha! Has she been on TV or something?)
V: She's my best friend and yes, she is an actress! We grew up together in a little town called Norco and have been friends since Jr. High School. She is completely normal and down to earth (she has to be or we wouldn't stand for!)

I tease her that she has never had a "real" job, in 20 + years because she has always been able to make a living with acting and modeling. Her name is Eva and she is probably best known for playing "Maria" on All My Children for several years, but she is currently on CSI Miami.

L: Ha! I knew it! Very cool that you have an actress friend & also that she is down to earth!

Okay, last question! Favorite color? Favorite thing that happens to be your favorite color?
V: I will say that I like pink waaaay more than I ever did growing up. I now buy pink everything. iPod, hairbrush, scissors, pens... if it's pink, my boys treat it like it's radioactive and leave it alone. I never have to search for things that are pink, they're always right where I left them.

My favorite color to wear is usually black. I don't know why, but I gravitate towards it. I think because it is slimming, it's versatile and it usually will go with anything. I try to add more color to my wardrobe, but I have to make a conscious effort to do so, otherwise I get to the checkout counter and realize almost everything I'm buying is black. Don't even get me started on black shoes. I have actually found shoes in the back of my closet and exclaimed, "How cah-ute are these??!!"
L: That's funny! I love black too! However, I only have 2 pairs of black heels... weird! I think it's because I found the perfect pair & can't bring myself to buy any others!
I loved getting to know you a little better, Viv! I hope my peeps did as well! Go visit Vivienne and give her a little lovin'!

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  1. I just LOVE Vivienne...she is such a riot.

    What a perfect, beautiful outfit you've put together for her! I love it...this is such a fun feature!

  2. I love those clothes and the soft colors, matched with that bag? So cute!

  3. I love everything about that outfit. :)

  4. Lacey! Thanks for the write up and putting together a beautiful outfit for me!!! That's awesome and I will try to recreate it. Our anniversary is in September and we have a wedding to go to in October. I think I'm going to try to pull it together by then. I'll send you a photo if I pull that off.

  5. This is awesome! I've been reading her for a while and these are some new tidbits that I'd never heard!
    Great job picking the outfit, it's beautiful!

  6. Vivienne is THE BEST! I love her and love that loves the color pink.

  7. That is the cutest outfit! I so need a makeover! I just got a haircut and it's too short! My daughter told me I look like a little boy! LOL!


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