Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shower Prep

Nah, I'm not talkin' bubble bath and loofahs. I'm talkin' Bridal Shower. That's right, that stinkin' shower I've been planning is this Saturday and OH MY, I couldn't be more ready(for it to be over)! Don't get me wrong... it's going to be a good time, I'm just happy for the planning and lead up to be over with! This week I'm putting the finishing touches on all of the decorations. I make just about everything, because generic decorations just aren't my style. I don't want to attach my name to some Party City decorations, you know? I like to keep it original and whatnot, because I can. Believe me, if I weren't lucky enough to have the time... I'd be all over that party city stuff!
I made this cute little tag HERE(free!)! Actually... that's a lie. I found the template for this tag over there and then I uploaded the tag to picnik and added the name and heart there. I saved it and then printed about 20 of them out and made dessert picks with them. Caaauuuuttte! I used cardstock, toothpicks and hot glue... all of which I already had.
This is a return address label(free from vistaprint) that I'm using as stickers for the favors. I wrapped specialty tea bags in cute scrapbook paper, threaded a piece of thick thread through the top and glued a cute flower punch at the end of the thread. And VOILA... a tea bag holder that looks like a really stinkin cute tea bag. :) I spent about 23 cents per favor. I'm proud, can you tell? Tell me you're proud too. I'll feel like it was all worth it then! haha
Alright, there's more, but I'll save all that for the post I do after the shower letting y'all know how it went! Let's talk about what I'm going to wear, shall we?
I wanted something super girly since we're holding the shower at a tea room. I needed something tea party-esque! In come the florals. My sister and I spotted this flowery dress tube at Forever21 a few weeks ago, and I snatched it up once I tried it on and saw that it went well with jeans. I live in jeans, so knowing I could wear this again and again put it in the winner's circle. I tried it on with a black pencil skirt, but the shapes weren't just right. I decided on simple white capris and to sass it up with these cute retro looking heels from Cutesygirl. I think gold jewelry is the way to go... do you? I felt like it needed the warmth. I haven't bought or chosen any jewelry from my closet yet... but do like the stuff I put with it up there. Thoughts? Seriously. Tell me what you think. What should I change? I'm open, people!

11 love notes:

  1. Everything looks so adorable. That outfit is awesome too. I've seen those shoes on Cutesy girl and have been wanting to buy them...I think I might have to!

  2. ahhh...i'm planning a bridal shower for my lil sis later this year, so thanks for the great ideas!

  3. I have to have those shoes!!!!!!!! Super cute. :)

    Egh, bridal stuff. I'm still pissy about getting kicked out of my friends bridal party and then not even getting invited to the wedding.

    Am I being bitter?

    Sorry. :)

    Enjoy! I'm sure you'll look hot. :)

  4. Love the decor, love the outfit! I am taking notes since my sister's shower is in August, and the MOH (I'm the MatronOH) and I are planning it together. :)

  5. I think you're creativity rocks at life. Seriously, I love both of those favors! And I love, love white capris. What doesn't go with them?

  6. I say you go with the look because it's so pretty. Pink shoes are always a quick mood lifter ;)

  7. I love love LOVE your favors!!

    I think rocking gold would go great. I love that you are considering the chunky bracelet. I think that would be perfect contrast to the girlie dress.

  8. It is looking so good. I am in love with your outfit, hmmm it's been a long time since I've visited the forever 21, maybe I'll have to do that this weekend

  9. I just love how you do those outfit blocks...how do you get all the items together like that? Very handy. :)

  10. I love the outfit! Good luck with the shower! You will be great.

  11. I'm proud of your creations! Love the outfit...you have such a knack.

    You asked for suggestions...so, I think it's totally adorable as is, but if it were me, I would probably wear open toed shoes. Still pink though!


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