Monday, June 8, 2009

Topic Hopping

I've got some random things to ramble about today. Grab your helmet and ride with me, won't you?

  • I'm at work right now. Where I sit inside the shop is about 100 feet from the busy highway. I hear cars roaring past all day. My favorite is when someone driving by has their music up really loud. They're going too fast for me to actually hear what song they're playing... so it just sounds like the spirits from that movie White Noise. ALL. DAY. LONG. I swear I turn and look at the electronics like something is about to come out of them at least twice a day. I know... awesome.

  • Why is it that all of the blogs I read that were written by men have closed themselves down? I have thought alot about this, actually. See the dumb things I spend my time thinking about? Do they just run out of steam quicker than us girls?(Maybe they run out because they don't post about fashion and goofy things?) Is it our fault(as in women, in general)? Surely the women they date have to find out about their blogs eventually, and I'm sure there comes a time when a line has to drawn about what they can talk about. I get really sad when these men disappear from my blog life. I rely on them for a male perspective. As Boy once told me, "They are telling you all of our secrets!"... I appreciated that. And, what I'm about to say may sound negative, but I mean it in the nicest way possible. These men have taught me that guys can just be jerks. IT'S NOT JUST MINE! Amen. (Don't get me wrong boys, I know women can be kind of crazy, and maybe we cancel each other out. But at least we can blame hormones!) Anyway, I miss them. Do you have any guy blogger friends you can refer to me? Haha! I feel like I'm putting a wanted add in the paper!

  • I don't feel like working. I feel like sitting here on my rump all day and reading blogs. THAT'S IT. Oh, and eating Cheetos. Barefoot. Holy crap, I'm turning into Britney Spears.

  • Shut up... Cheetos are delicious.

  • I thought about taking a blog vacation this week. Maybe next week? I need to re-charge.

  • I still don't understand why the Europeans are taking naps in the middle of the day and we're not. C'mon Obama... GIVE me this one. Sleep is good. Raise your hand if you LOVE sleep. SEE? More people raising their hands than not! WE WIN.

I guess I should go do some of this work now. ::Sighs:: I hate being a grown up.

4 love notes:

  1. Cheetos are yummy and I am always up for orange fingers! We should totally have siesta in the middle of the day. I raised my hand. :)
    Take a vacation! You deserve it.

  2. 1. Love naps.
    2. Cheetos ARE delicious!
    3. My cousin Blair in TX has a blog. He's pretty new to blogging, but it's sometimes fun to read a guy's thoughts. His link is on my Blog Roll--206 Bones (he's an Anatomy/Physiology major) :)

  3. I'm on blog least writing vacation. I feel boring. Soooooo borrrrrring.

  4. *raises hand* I could use a good nap! it would feel so good.

    if you find a good male blogger, let me know, too.


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