Friday, July 17, 2009

Where you lead, I will follow... or not.

I was un-followed for the first time last week. I've seen other people talk about being un-followed before and how it almost stings. I never got it. I SO DO now. First of all, I thought... "Crap, did I say something to offend them?", then I thought, "Am I not loveable anymore?"(haha, completely true thought.) And THEN I remembered... it's totally normal for some people to just lose interest. That's fine. I suppose I've done it as well. There are a few blogs I just kind of slowly forgot about(some of the first I discovered). I hope they didn't get their feelings hurt, but it's natural. We come and go. We change or they change. It's OKAY.
There are some blogs that I am a faithful reader of who rarely come by here, and you know what? That's alright too! Maybe they're just not that into me? IT'S OKAY! I'm not offended by that. I try my very best to come around to everyone who takes the time to stop by here though. Not only have I been able to make friends with many of you this way, but I've found more great blogs through your pages. I think it's important to stop in and say hello. I feel like I know you, and some of you... I do! We may not be able to get together for dinner or drinks, we may not celebrate birthday's together, we may not send Christmas cards... but you are great friends. For that, I thank you. I think you're just lovely... I really, really do!
So, next time you're unfollowed... come back. Read this. Remember, it's totally normal. You know you've done it! Brush it off, because soon there will be someone else following. Someone else will like you. Someone will surely find you loveable! haha :)
(Also, I bet their are plenty of people(like me) who save blogs as a "favorite" on their comp. I do it b/c I don't like too many blogs in my google reader. Gives me a slight panic attack! haha. Plenty of you are "favorites", how ya' like them apples?)

For those of you who Follow...

For those of you who don't... that's okay too :) No hard feelings.

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  1. I liked this post! I've been "un-followed" a couple of times now, and it does sting a little bit. You wonder if maybe your brain was right and you really do suck. (!!) This was a great post, Lacey! Thank you!! :)

  2. That happened several times to me and it's never nice. Sometimes I just say what i wanna say without really filtering and maybe some people just dislike it. I usually joke around half serious about theyre being losers and they miss out for stop following me :P Oh well. It's their losses, Lace :D

  3. You're so sweet!

    And I love the Gilmore Girls title. :)

  4. Ive been unfollowed several times. I think its because Ive changed the type of stuff that I blog about. I agree with the favorite thing. I prefer to favorite people than follow, actually. but I try to show my support by following.

  5. I know it sucks! I do LOTS of giveaways on my blog and i feel that people follow for that, and once it's over they leave :( Sad yet true. Then if you do a post, you have to wonder if you said something to offend them. Your blog is great...keep writing.

  6. I love you and will never leave! Hehe. I have been un-followed and I don't like it!

  7. Awww ... don't be sad! I added you to my sidebar blogroll - I love your cute lil' updates!! :o)

  8. perfect post! I just lost 2 followers recently and I was sad about it...I wondered if I offended them. Anyway, love your blog!


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