Friday, August 28, 2009

De-Funk OVERLOAD ahead!

So, I gave up on De-Funk Your Fashion Friday a while back... got too busy to stick to it! However, I had already put together a bunch of your de-funks and had them sitting there waiting to publish. Sooo, I've combined them all into one big ol' Fashion Friday post & you can do what you will with them, girls!
Andhari from Insomniac Lolita
She's a fashionable rapper with the most adorable accent ever. I love her :)

Jennifer from The Tschepis
I think this girl is GORGEOUS! Her blog may still be private though? You guys can find out by clicking that link!


Carrin from Carrin's Comments
She's going to the chapel and she's going to get married... and we get to watch it all play out!


Amanda from Serenity Now
Her Mom buys her clothes that look like they are from Cracker Barrel...She tends to wear a "uniform" of black on top/dark on bottom.... Here's my take on Amanda: She's adorable & she needs to feel it!
Becca just had her 3rd baby this summer! I threw together an easy, "Hot Mom" look for her :) You work those babies, Becca!

texas darlings

7 love notes:

  1. OOHHHH!!! I was featured!!! Love the funky top and orange purse!! I'm a hot momma now!!

    Thanks Lacey!!


  2. Eek! I LOVE YOU!!!! :) I would totally wear every single thing on that board. Wondering if I can pull off the skinny jeans though. Do you think that top would cover a multitude of sins...'cause I am sooo not skinny anymore.

    You're the best, Lacey! I'd like to link to you mind if I include "my" board that you made in my post??

    Thank you!!!!

    PS. It also made my day that these are all items I can AFFORD on a budget with two bebes. ;)

  3. Love Love Love the outfit you created for me! I thinkI must ahve it all!

  4. I blogged you this afternoon. ;) Thanks again!!!

  5. So cute!! Especially the the "Wedded Bliss" outfit. You have a great sense of style girl!

  6. Ooh girlyyy, you really know me. Those REALLY are my style :) I love it, the dress and the louboutin prive. You even know my favorite shoes, amazing! Thanks so much.


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