Thursday, October 1, 2009

Through it all hangin' tough, we'll be side by side...

...We'll be friends foreeeeever, till the end of tiiiiiime!
(That song is by the uber famous band, Zack Attack. You're welcome for getting that stuck in your head the rest of the day!)

It's time for Writer's Workshop with Kathy from Mama's Losin' It!
My Chosen Prompt: How did you meet your best friend?

I think I told this story on the old blog, but it's a good one... so we're bringin' it back!

The year was 1989. My brother, sister and I were in the front yard raking leaves. (To be honest, I was five... so I wasn't doing much raking. I think it was just something my Mom told us to do so she could be left alone for an hour.) As I was lolly gagging around in the leaves, I happened to see a pair of feet under the moving van that was parked in the driveway next door. They weren't just any old feet, y'all... these were KID SIZED FEET. & Those shoes? They look like shoes I could wear! Surely, there was a girl over there and she was my age! I'd never had a friend on my street before & the prospect of it was lovely! I watched the little feet march back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... mesmerized. I was in such a trance that I didn't realize the feet were getting closer and closer. I snapped to when I heard a little voice. There, on the other side of the chain link fence, stood a little girl with dark brown hair and a smile. "Hey! I'm Lauren!" , she said to me. I was a shy one at the time & clung to my sister like the world was about to end. "This is Lacey!", my sister proclaimed proudly on my behalf. "We can be friends!", the little girl said happily. Clearly, this girl wasn't shy. How were WE going to be friends? I couldn't even bring myself to speak to her. The less I spoke, the more she did. "If you won't be my friend, I'm going to jump over this fence and make you be my friend!", she told me. And then, she disappeared behind the truck again. I looked up to my sister to see what she was thinking, and before I could utter a word to her, the little girl reemerged with her Dad in tow. She lifted her little arms and her Dad lifted her over the fence.
True to her word,
she came over that fence and made me be her friend.

From that day forward, Lauren would be my very best friend. We would share shoes, clothes, dreams, nail polish, laughter, bikes, beds, stories, tears and for many years...that fence.
She's become a constant in my life.
She is my family.
She is forever.
I'm so lucky she jumped over that fence.
It was fate.

August 09
If you want to pop over and say hello to my BFF... you can find her here :)

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  1. Such a beautiful story, Lace! And she's pretty like you too..

  2. Yes, she is gorgeous! :)

    & thank you for your sweetness, doll!

  3. What a sweet story!!! I love it!

  4. The Zach Attack lyrics roped me in! Holy Shizz, you and your BFF are absolutely adorable!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's :)

  5. How sweet...I love your story I wrote about my bff as well this week !!

  6. Awwwww, sweet and hilarious story!!!

    I was totally super shy when I was little too. What happened to us now?!? lol

    Love ya girl!

  7. That is such an adorable story! Shoes!

  8. so cute. i love friends, they rock. you girls are beautiful, im new to your blog and love it already :)

  9. so cute. i love friends, they rock. you girls are beautiful, im new to your blog and love it already :)

  10. Luv the story sooo sweet!

    I can't believe you guys are still besties after all these years... You know it's a true friendship when it passes the test of time!!!

    Btw you both Look GORGEOUS ;)

  11. Awwwwww, that's lovely. My bestie and I have been going strong for about 15 years now!

  12. What a nice story! I love when kids have friends in their neighborhood : ). It is the best to have built in friends in the 'hood.

  13. G-R-E-A-T story.... it is so awesome to have AND keep a best friend like that.
    I bet the two of you GORGEOUS girls were always able to "pick up the men", huh?

  14. Awww, thanks you guys! What a good story. Good thing I was a total biotch when I was a child- or we would never had been friends! Check out my blog- I gave you an award you already have. What's the word for that? Love.

  15. I just started reading your blog and i love it! you too girls are gorgeous!

  16. That's the cutest story I've ever heard!

  17. How cool that your friendship has endured the ages and you are still BFF. :)

  18. Such a sweet story!!! :) I had the same BFF from 6th grade up until I had my first baby. Then we drifted apart due to personal reasons. Very sad. :(

  19. yay! get awesome with me! im so excited!

  20. So cute! I always enjoy reading your blogs! They're always so upbeat and they brighten my day!


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