Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween, Nakeyness & A Birthday Boy

Hey, hey, heeyyyy!
Gosh, I missed this place so stinkin' much! Happy to be "home" y'all!
I feel like I have a ton to catch up on... but ya know, not REALLY! Just jibber jabber from my rambling mind.

First of all, today is WG's Birthday! Y'all wish him a Happy one, will ya?
Wish I were with him today, but I have work and he has school and studying to do for the week ahead.
I hid his present in his closet behind some clothes before I left yesterday though,
he found it before he was supposed to, but whatever! At least he still got to find some random goodies in his closet. Who doesn't love that?
Some of the randomness included LSU Pez dispenser & pez (he told me he used to collect them when he was a kid), butterfinger & milk duds(faves), beer (clearly...he's a man, therefore he likes beer), a dinner "coupon" to a sushi joint we both love but have never actually been to together, some cute boxers & one of these...
cross stitched constellations
I did Orion for him. Two of you know why :)
All of the ones above are from Miniature Rhino, so if you want one, go on Etsy and look 'em up! I just saw it and knew I could figure out how to do one of my own.
If there is ever an opportunity for me to give someone something handmade, I go for it. I love receiving things people have made for me or had made for me :) Seems thoughtful. I'd already done a painting for him, so I couldn't do that... and when I saw this, it reminded me of this night, and that was that. (Whew, that was a lot of this and that's!)
He has a framed picture of Starry Night in his room and I thought it'd look nice hanging under it, right?

How was your Halloween? Mine was dandy!
I was the Progressive Insurance girl, Flo
WG was Bret Michaels

I made the apron and headband & it was super easy! I cutesied up the bottom of my apron... b/c ya know, that's what I do. It didn't make it in any of my pictures, so I'll snap one for you now!
I'm wearing a white tube top and jeans(& i had a cardigan on earlier, b/c it's chilly... amen.), but this picture kind of makes me look nakey. Whoops. I wore white cropped pants and red patent peep toes, for those of you who are wondering ;)
WG's costume literally came together the night before & I couldn't keep a straight face while helping him get ready. He looked HILARIOUS. Before he put on the bandana and glasses, he just looked like a cross dresser or something. He kept tossing his hair and giving me pretty eyes. :) haha Good times.

Woke up Sunday feeling a bit sluggish b/c of an oncoming cold... booooo! Trying to drink a ton of water and rest, but I just have ohsomuch to do.

Saying a little prayer that this week flies on by, because I'm
ready for another weekend!

♥Have a pretty pretty kind of day!♥

14 love notes:

  1. Happy Birthday to him.

    Love the costumes.

  2. I love the idea of Flo from Progressive!! Here's hoping the week FLIES by!!

  3. Ahh, Happy Birthday WG! Also, your costume is adorable Lacey!

  4. glad you're back hun!

    and LOVED your costume. what a freaking awesome idea.

    happy birthday wg!! hope it was a good one :)

  5. Yaaaayyyyyy!!!!

    You guys look awesome, and I am so jealous of your crafty ways!!!

  6. Ahhh! The Progressive girl = pure genius!

    And WG resembles Bret Michaels quite well, ha!

  7. You truly are the sweetest. I love that you made him that for his bday!

    I also LOVE your costume, honey bunny!

    Are you worried about Saturday's game? I am.

  8. happy birthday to WG!!

    you looked adorable!! what a creative costume ;)
    you two are too much fun!!

  9. Great costumes!

    And happy birthday to your man!

  10. You make a great Flo! Nakey is like the best word...eva!

  11. BWA!!! costume is awesome!! i am in awe of folks who came up with such original ideas!! and i love your brett michaels...i mean not how YOU love him...but seriously that is awesome...

  12. I love Flo and I LOVE your costume. you look super cute.

  13. Great costume. Bret Michaels. LOL. Awesome. I read that he's going to be on the new season of the "Celebrity Apprentice" BTW...


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