Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shameless Plug Tuesday

I'm a chalk board lovin' dork :)
I used to love being chosen to go write on the chalk board(unless it was Math... I hate math)...
I saw some thought bubble chalk board wall stickers a few weeks ago & thought... that's cute, but what if I decided I didn't like it where it was at? It would never stick well if I decided to move it.(I know... i have tried moving my wall decals and they continue to fall off of the wall) & Then I thought, I'll make my own! I'll make a useful piece of art! When is art ever useful? NOW, that's when. I painted them on canvas', so you can hang it anywhere & move it around as you please. I was so pleased with the outcome, I've decided to carry them in my shop. Hopefully you like them as much as I do :)

They make for cute picture texts...
Can you see it?
"Bring home milk!"
"I love Daddy!"
"I'm not wearing any underwear."
Hey, I'm not judgin' you.

"Wish you were here!"
"I Love You!"
oh, the possibilities :)

They're $19.99 worth of hand painted goodness.
These are all 11"x14", but I can do bigger or smaller and in any colors your heart desires.
Perfect Christmas gifts :) Some of my friends will be receiving them!
If you want one email me at lacey_inthesky(at)yahoo(dot)com
or look for them to hit the shop this week :)

14 love notes:

  1. So adorable! I'm going to be emailing you sooooon...these are so perfect for xmas my love!!

  2. UM.I LOVE THESE!!! and i am fairly certain my little ladies would ADORE seeing these under the tree this cmas!!!

  3. oh these are adorable:) ill need to check out your shop!

  4. These are super adorable!!!!

  5. Lace, I love them! LOVE THEM!

    You are so talented!

  6. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    Lacey love, I freaking LOVE these!!!!

    I will take 12, or 40, or a billion!!! Because I just love them that much!

    And you too of course!

    Don't be jealous!

  7. these are so much fun!! love em!

  8. Oh, those are great. I just think I found the perfect gift for a few people!!


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