Monday, December 21, 2009

It's probably bad to wish Jesus a belated Birthday...

& that's why I've been a bit absent from the blog world.
I am in full on Christmas spaz mode.
Hey Y'all!
Holy Moly, can you believe Christmas is in a few days already? How in the world did that happen? Eesh.
I have been very stressed this holiday season and feel like I haven't had a second to stop and appreciate the Joy and Merry Bells ringing and whatnot.
Note to self: Enjoy Merry Bells ringing. p.s. figure out what a "Merry Bell" is.
Between doing my own orders & working at the boutique, I'm whooped.
I did get to spend some quality time with WG this weekend & that made me uber happy... but I was still working when there were moments I could fit it in! I think after tonight... knock on wood... I MAY ACTUALLY be done with my Christmas gifts. Amen.
I'm so sorry I've been neglecting all of your blogs. I have been reading when the chance presents itself... I just haven't been commenting much so that I can squeeze in as many blogs as possible!
Are you ready for the 25th?
How stressed are you?
What are you doing to combat that stress?

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  1. happy almost holidays!
    hope ur not stressed n e mor.


  2. I know exactly how you feel! I've been too busy to stop and hear the bells ringing as well.

    I've been trying to take a momentary step back over the past few weeks to gaze at my Christmas tree, or enjoy the lights along my drive or just take a few deep breaths and say a Hail, Mary.

    All I have left to do though is wrap some remaining gifts (which I usually save for Christmas Eve) and get the house ready to host boyfriend and my parents Christmas Eve. I have Wednesday off from work, so that will help immensely. For now, I'm sitting back and sipping eggnog. :)

  3. i'm suuuper excited! i never get stressed around the holidays - could be because it's not my house i have to get ready for people coming to visit. plus, i'm done with all my shopping! happy birthday, Jesus!

  4. I am ready.... but just barley finished last night but it feels GOOD to be done :)

  5. My event organizer is throwing a christmas party on the 25th, and not just a gathering. A super massive christmas party in one of the big name clubs here. SO stressed out. Not only that I have to prepare myself to perform, I have to make sure all the event prep goes smooth and a lot of people come :(

    Happy holiday though, Lace!:)

  6. This year I'm not nearly as stressed, but incredibly busy.

    I miss you. I need you back. =)

  7. I am so not ready, I'm working on crocheting for my family and totally not done... It's in like 2 days and I'm hosed!


    Merry Christmas! Love your cheerfulness even when you're stressed. You're so amazing!

  8. Heya! Merry Christmas. I'm not stressed at all, actually. I'm happy here in Atlanta with my fam, but just a bit sad that my bf is alone for Christmas:(


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