Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Parental Advice From A Non-Parent

You probably clicked into this post thinking you were going to want to slap me by the end of it.
Who wants parental advice from a non-parent?
No worries...if you love me now, you'll still love me at the end of the post.
I'm not stepping on any bloggy soap boxes here!
Continue on... it's safe :)

Thanksgiving is over.
The leftovers are disappearing.
Christmas is in full effect all around!
Makes me giddy, y'all.
(Giddy is a funny word, huh? Say it a few times...seriously.)
Giddy, giddy, giddy, giddy.
(See? You're beginning to question if it's really a word at all now, right?)

Soon, if not already, children everywhere will begin slipping their letters to Santa in the mailbox & sticking up the little red outgoing mail flag.
If I can urge anything to parents around the holidays, it is this:
Grab that letter, make a copy, and tuck them both away somewhere very safe.
Somewhere your children will never ever care to look... like a folder labeled "Taxes 2002" ;)
Do this every year, and when your children are all old enough...
wrap those letters in a box & stick them under the tree.
My Mom did this for my siblings & I many years ago and it gave us the best
Christmas morning giggles she'd heard in years!
We all sat together on the living room floor reading our letters aloud to one another
and laughing our heads off at the requests we had made.
It was the sweetest gift...
one better than any request we could have ever made on a Christmas list!

Go on, go on...
grab your sharpie & get to marking that file folder!
You'll thank me when you hear the giggles of your grown children on Christmas morning many years from now.


20 love notes:

  1. that is a super cute idea!! i have to remember it for when i have my own kiddos ;)

  2. I love your mom....

    Does she want to adopt me???

  3. I LOVE this idea. When my little one is old enough to start writing them, I am definately going to sneak them in a little folder!!!

  4. so cute. my mom did this too and it is the best thing ever!

  5. That is a great idea. I am going to pass it along.Thanks for the parenting advice from a non-parent

  6. Hi Lacy.. I won one of your [Posh Profile Christmas Decor]from a blog giveaway. I'm pretty sure you emailed me about sending you a picture but I can not find your contact info anywhere. Can you send it to me again? Thanks so much! :)

  7. Oh yeah, this is sucha good idea. My parents did this as well. And every year we always get a laugh out of those letters, as well as the numerous photos we have with Santa.

    One year I asked for overalls. Bhahahaha. I think I was like 7 and I wanted Mickey Mouse overalls. Gets me every time.

    Thanks for the advice:)

  8. That is a really cute idea! I hope I remember to do this once I have kids.

  9. precious! love this idea. i hope i can start the tradition soon.

  10. What a sweet idea. We're actually going to do our first letter to Santa this year. :)

  11. this is such a fabulous idea, I too am kidless though so I'll have to try and get my sister to do this

  12. I LOVE you....awesome idea!!! I was going to help my oldest write a letter this week. Great idea!!!

  13. that's such a cute idea! I don't have kids, but will def. keep it in mind for later :)

  14. OOoo that's so freakin cute! I'm doing alright over here lady- no worries. Just having a bit of a time. I want to make it to BR one day soon and check out Plato's Closet (I keep hearing about it, have you been?). Maybe that would be a good day for us to play? Love you.

  15. Best non parent advice ever!! :)

    Remind me of this when Coop starts writing, alrighty?

  16. OMG, I'm TOTALLY stealing that idea. SO sweet!

  17. Great idea ... wish my mom did that :(


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