Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Space Between

"When the butterflies are gone," she said...
"What is left?"
A dear friend(who I'm completely blessed to have)said this to me in a conversation we shared earlier. I thought it was so eloquent and beautiful that I wrote it down.
It continues to do laps in my mind, so here I am to share it with you.
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Here's a little tuneage I'm enjoying this week:
I just realized it's all chicks, which is weird, because I tend to be drawn towards male artists... but ya' know, GIRL POWER, or something like that.

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  1. I think that's something we always should ask ourselves at the beginning of something, especially relationships.

    When the butterflies of the new experience start to flutter away will we still be content with the partnership we have?

    Something very interesting to contemplate on.

  2. Aweeee laceyloo!!!

    How are you feeling missy?

  3. I really agree with what Miss Angie said.

    If you're still content then you know you'll be in it for a long run :)

  4. great post.
    love the qoute...
    ur friend has a beautiful mind.


  5. Yep I too agree with Angie but I know even after all the newness of my relationship with my husband was over, that man can still look at me in such a way that makes my insides melt. I think after the beginning, it's those little "everyday" moments that you have to start looking at that makes you feel so very loved...a little touch here, a look there, the smiles...I could go on and on! I think when it's real those moments will still get ya! Or well 8 years later, they are still getting me!

  6. Love that quote also! It is beautiful :O)

  7. That was a lovely quote.

    I think once the initial butterflies are gone, you have to create them within the relationship.

    No doubt the spark will always be there, it's just allowing it to twinkle. :)

    Thanks for this post and lovely pics.


  8. Nice thought... It's making me think too. And, for another song... "The Space Between" by DMB... LOVE!

  9. Looove that first picture! And the quote, of course. Just lovely. XOXO

  10. Love the quote. Thanks for sharing.

    You always have the best pictures. Where do you find them?? :D


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