Thursday, March 11, 2010

Guest Postin' Goodness

You know those few days leading up to a guest post, where your brain keeps freaking out about what in the world you're going to write? I was just there. [It says hi... asked how your Mom and them are doing.] You know, you don't want to write too much about yourself(because hi, it's not your blog), but then again you don't want to be completely generic and leave their readers with a post with no personality(boooooorrrrinnng). Well, tonight as I finally sat down to force words into this post, I got to thinking...
I mean, clearly the lovely lady who owns the blog, asked me to post because she trusts that whatever I say, she'll like. & Ya' know, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. So I stopped sweating it(because ew, sweat. ya know?), and just did me the best i could.

& Yeah, my best does happen to include mention of naked twister, near naked bull riding & sexual position contests... you're beginning to wonder about me, huh?
Well go find out what I'm yammering about over at

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