Sunday, March 21, 2010

1st, 2nd, 3rd, Copper Boom

Hey, hey, heyyyy...

Some thoughts this lovely Sunday!

First, thank you all SO much for the super sweet comments on my "vlog" (barf). It's sometimes scary posting videos of yourself, because well... y'all are used to me in writing, not live and in your faces!(Okay, so it wasn't LIVE, but you know...) Your comments were so sweet, I just may grace this place with my late night face again ;) (You like that rhymage?)

& While we're talking about this vlog of mine, can we talk about this "accent" you're all speaking of?Seriously? I don't feel like I have an accent. I mean, I say "y'all" instead of "you all", but that's because I feel like "you all" sounds plum silly coming out of my mouth! But country accent? Whhaaa? I mean, Julie? She's kickin' an accent(a seriously cute one too), but me? I don't get it.
So funny :)

Second, I had a really lovely time with my friends tonight! We all brought food & wine and had a grand ol' time being us. These were all friends from high school who are all still my very best friends.
[we're love each other when we're fat with big noses kind of friends]
We are truly family & there is a comfort that can only be felt, not explained. I love, love, love them. I get to spend some more time with them next weekend because I'm the luckiest :)
& Third, Sarah Ann is having a giveaway that is promoting a really amazing cause.
NightLight International
"NightLight’s mission is to build relationships and provide hope, intervention, rescue and assistance to women and children exploited in the sex industry by offering alternative employment, vocational opportunities, life-skills training and physical, emotional and spiritual development to women seeking freedom. NightLight builds support networks internationally to intervene and assist women, men and children whose lives are negatively impacted by the sex industry." [via]
Sadly, I knew very little about sex trafficking until I watched the movie Taken. After seeing it, I wanted to learn more and watched a few documentaries(all heart breaking). I just felt like I needed to be informed though, and was really shocked by what I learned.
NightLight is not only rescuing girls and women from an awful life, but also giving them the opportunity to learn how to make and sell jewelry to support themselves.
Sarah Ann is giving away a pair of earrings that one of those lovely women made!
Please go enter the giveaway and keep NightLight in mind next time you need a gift or want to buy yourself something pretty. You can also donate here

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My favorite TV show?
You already know this one, huh?

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  1. Don't you just love friends like that?! :-) Hope you are having a fab weekend!

  2. oh lace, you are just too cute.

  3. Hey Lacey, if you're interested in supporting women who have escaped sex slavery, there is another foundation (can't quite remember what it's called) for women in India who learn how to make pajamas to get back on their feet. They are called Punjammies, and they are gorgeous! I ordered a pair for my goddaughter for Christmas.

  4. You and I are besties in my head ... and this just affirmed to me that we truly must have been seperated at birth! Ha ha!! I heart the Gilmore Girls and miss them so.

  5. Thank you so much for promoting this cause :) That's awesome!

  6. How can I get to the giveaway? There's no link.

  7. Girl, you DO have an accent (just a little bit) and I love it! It's exactly what I was expecting.

    Don't lose it! It makes you Lacey and I happen to just adore Lacey, so...

  8. Gilmore Girls HELLO chica, Do we think alike or what?!

    I <3 people who still love this show, you made my day haha!!!

  9. Who says "you all"?

    It's y'all all the way baby, from one country girl to another. ;)

  10. its a southern accent. SO adorable.

    and the friends picture? haha i die! loove it.

  11. can you get any cuter?

  12. love this post! and i loveee gilmore girls

    xo tiffany

  13. I didn't notice an accent...but, that's probably because I have one as well...hehe...

  14. Love Gilmore Girls, LOVE Friends, LOVED Taken, that is just so heartbreaking to me. I'm so glad they made a movie like that and put it out there for more people to be aware of. It's discussing. I will definitely support that cause

  15. I watched the vlog and when you said yáll, I was like "SOOKIE STACKHOUSE!

    You're so cute and i like your accent.

  16. You are southern, my dear. And your accent makes me feel like I'm right at home, sitting barefoot on my momma's back porch swing. :)


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