Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Shared Love

It's not just for polygamist anymore.
A little random link love for you on this lovely Tuesday!
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It's Summer's birthday... won't you go wish her well?
Are we allowed to make wishes for people on their birthdays? Cause I am.
I wish... for good health for her daddy-o, good health for her, baby brownies,
more laughter, less tears, and a lifetime full of love! Oh... and also that we get to spend time together next time she's home! That one is a wee bit selfish though ;) Happy Birthday, Summer bear! You are so loved.
Did I mention I met my Mr.'s Sister's (i'm a poet) a few weekends ago? No? Well, I did and they were both lovely! Sometimes meeting family can feel like an interview, you know? "Hi, I'm Lacey. I'm totally in love with your brother, please like me because I don't want to go anywhere." Bwaha! They made it easy, thank goodness! One of his sister's, H, has a health & fitness blog if you want to pop over and be inspired to get that booty of yours in gear! This woman seems to get more done in a day than is possible... she'll make you want to give mixing veggie purees in your food a shot. Maybe that's where this energy is coming from?
Speaking of food... I went and bought the ingredients to this yogurt snack/breakfast that she posted about the other day & uhm, I'll never stray from it. SO SO stinking good.

I loved this guest post that Rachel from Confessions of a Jersey Girl did over at Classy in Philadelphia! I wanted to pump my fist in the air Jersey shore style in agreeance, Rach! ;)

Have you voted for my Rasha Girl? No? Okay... well, if you're feeling sweet & love the lady like I do, please head over here "Like" Blue Moon Photography & then go to this album and "Like" Rasha's pic!

Happy Tuesday :)

6 love notes:

  1. i'll have to check out the Mr's sista's health and fitness blog!!

  2. Yay for meeting his family and yay for them making it easy,, its really does feel like an interview, I hate that part!!!!!

    Ill have to read the classy in philadelhia post!

    And thank you for posing about me! I appreciate it,

    love you more than words

  3. ohhh that breakfast looks delish! I'm definitly going to try!! Great post! Love Summer and Rasha!

  4. Checking out all of your links and voting for Rasha now!

  5. haha, you're a peach! so many girls need to be reminded to not settle and that they are so amazing. :)

  6. HA HA! I love that you tried my uber yogurt snack and yes, it is goooood and really good for you! Just make sure you get PLAIN yogurt to avoid all of that extra sugar. Thanks for the shout out (and you interview well). :) See you soon!


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