Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Piggy Bank is Hungry

I've been on this "How can I save money?" kick recently, because this year is going to be a bit packed with fun. FUN=MONEY SPENT. I'm in a Wedding in May & will also be doing a bit of traveling this year. Since I don't have a ton of bills, saving money should be super easy for me, right? Not so much. It's easy to make "not having a ton of bills" your excuse to spend money on something you may not necessarily spend it on otherwise. I thought my first step should be figuring out where I'm spending my money.

[restaurant, fast, snacks, grocery]

[birthday, wedding, christmas, shower, etc]
[whatcha gonna do?]
[I don't shop excessively & when I do I am super thrifty... but it's still where I'm spendin' bucks]Fabric
[For work. I need to start keeping my work and personal finances separate. I am going to start paying myself & leaving money to run the business off of. I'm a big girl & I need to do it.]

You know what's not fun? Figuring out where you're spending all of your money. It makes you feel foolish. Like, i just realized how often I hit up the drive-thru for a drink when I'm running errands & that's basically $2 down the drain. $2, 3 times a week(for 3 drinks) is $6. I can get 24 Cokes for that at the grocery & still have a dollar to spare. Or I can make tea (1 gallon would give me about 10 drinks for less than a dollar) & bring it with me on my errands in a thermos.

I just blew my own mind.
That'll be my cut out for this week... baby steps, people!

How do you save money?

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    Happy Tuesday!

  2. I coupon hen I go grocery shopping, usually save $20-$50 a trip.

  3. Ugh, being an adult is such a pain in the butt sometimes!

    Have you tried Mint.com? REALLY helpful.


  4. I am so there with you girl. I find my most effective way of saving money is having it automatically taken from my paycheck and deposited into a savings account.

    After that, I spend less by shopping sales and cutting coupons. And some more drastic measures like leaving my credit card at home Saturday when I went shopping with Mom and lil sis!

    Good luck with your saving and budgeting. I know it's not always easy!

  5. I used coupons and yes buying a drink out is NO good.

  6. I know exactly how you feel about that last part. I'm getting ready to move (I'm sure you figured that out by reading and reading and reading!), and it's amazing how often I grab something at the gas station or somewhere else on my way to work. It got harder to budget when the boss decided to take my water machine of the store, but luckily I hate pop. I've completely cut out anything unnecessary for the last paycheck and instead of running my account dry, I've spent only 1/3 of it on car insurance and my cell phone bill. Snaps for Kenli! ;)

    By the way, I'm so glad you stopped by! Those little boys are like my children, but definitely not actually mine. They're my best buddies though. :) Most people assume the youngest one is ours, and that my momma is my sister. Sometimes we go with it.. makes her feel better. ;) I don't think you have to worry about your moisturizing routine, you're always looking gorgeous!

    I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

  7. There's always places to cut. But it depends on what you want to give up. I could cut my HBO and Cinemax for example, and save $200 a year, but I love them! So I starve. Just kidding. Although we're thinking about getting rid of our home phone number, since we never use it and almost exclusively use our cell phones.

  8. I'm budgeting too and it's so annoying to see where I throw money away. Buuut, I tell myself I'm figuring it out while I'm still young and will hopefully manage to save like I need to now instead of freaking out when I want to retire.


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