Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I know some things...

I remember when I was a kid(and all of 70 pounds, I'm sure), my best friend and I would decide to go on a "diet" for a week during the summer. This usually came about purely thanks to boredom. Neither of us were "heavy" children. So what was on the menu, you ask? Salads, of course! To an 11 year old, salads are the ultimate health food. Ours usually consisted of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, individually wrapped cheese slices that we cut into "shreds", slices of whatever deli meat we had and croutons. Then came the dressing. Uhhhmm, healthy? Nahsomuch.
Well, I'm 26 now and I've learned just a few things about "health" foods.
I say "just a few" because, I've got to be honest...
the best tasting food usually isn't all that great for you. And HELLO, I live in Louisiana.
Have you been here? The food is, well... delicious.
I'm not about to miss out on that ;)

Here's what I do know:
I know that some foods claim to be all high and mighty healthy, when really... they're hiding their dirty fatty fat fat secret! Here are few of the suspects!
Foods that claim to be healthy... but sometimes hide under a cloak of calories & fat:
Sushi Rolls
It kills me to say this, because ::sighs:: sushi is my fav., but it has to be said.
If it's tempura-d or comes with a special sauce of sorts,well heck, it's probably delicious... and packed with calories. Stick to the basics... snow crab, diced shrimp, tuna & salmon with veggies. & if they offer brown rice, that's probably the way to go as well.

Energy Bars
These are packed full of protein and fiber, which make us feel full a little longer. However, many of them are also packed with calories. That's fine and dandy if you're using it as a meal replacement(but really...why?), but if it's just a snack... you may as well grab a snickers bar and enjoy every last bit of those 300 calories!

Ahh, another favorite of mine. Salads are synonymous with dieting and health... but most of the salads you find on restaurant menus nowadays are less healthy than many other options on the menu. Look out for heavy dressings, cheeses, nuts & croutons... they take you into "May as well have had a big ol' honkin' burger" territory.

Granola seems totally tree hugger healthy, but it's usually loaded with fat, sugar & calories.
(I'm totally bursting your bubble right now, huh? Sorry.)
Look for portion sizes on the box. It's usually a super skimpy amount, say.. enough to top your fruit or yogurt. Which brings me to...

I can't say too much bad about yogurt. It's a quick yummy way to get your calcium(especially for the non-milk drinkers like myself), just steer clear of the whole milk varieties, as they tend to be high in saturated fat. There are plenty of low-fat versions that are delish.

& THAT'S what I do know, folks!

...Now i'm off to daydream about a big fatty shrimp poboy

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  1. LOLs.. This made me laugh! Sooo me & my friends when we were young. Gagging down the school lunch salads.. eww!

  2. ugh. not just when i was young, but at least once every month. i try to fool myself into thinking i'm eating healthy. i've even tried to be a vegetarian, but that lasted about a week. it's impossible in the midwest during the summer.. grilled cheeseburgers are just too tempting!

  3. You have totally burst my bubble about the sushi. :( I love any kind with shrimp tempura and cream cheese.

  4. Haha, I'm eating delicious granola as I read this...oh, well. All in moderation!


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