Friday, February 25, 2011

Filling Blanks

I am currently obsessed with: planning a friend's bridal shower and bachelorette party... mostly because I want to be done with the planning part! The obsession counts even if it's not a "happy obsession" right?

Today I am: HAPPY because: it's Mardi Gras time & we're kicking it into high gear this weekend! Tonight- the Mona Lisa Moon Pie Parade! Oh the good times that are about to be had!

The age I am is: 26. The age I feel is: it varies! Some days I feel like a kiddo & some days I feel like a grandma. Most days... I just want to feel 26.

Something I've been procrastinating is: I usually procrastinate when it comes to laundry. I have a pile of clean towels that have been staring at me for a week, screaming "Fold meeee!" & I just keep flipping them the bird and passing them by ;)

My favorite place is: anywhere that i am with my MR. He makes every place I go feel like home & that is a comfort I can't explain.

The last thing I purchased was: a couple of Icees for myself and some friends while shopping at the mall. It was a crack Icee too. You know... the Icees that are the perfect consistancy... not too frozen, not too slushy. I think Icees new slogan should be "A cup o' genius".
You're welcome for that Icee... I will gladly receive payment in the form of my own Icee machine.

My favorite thing about my home is: that is is more often than not filled with my nieces and nephew. It even makes me smile when I find their sticky little fingerprints on things. Seriously... I've been known to take photos of little hand prints on my mirror. I am head over heels for them, can you tell?

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  1. I just read the "Fill in the Blank Friday" and loved it...I told her I might just have to do this and I think I shall! I love that your man makes it feel like home no matter where you are...that is wonderful! :)

    Liesl :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean- I adore my niece!!!

  3. I just found your blog and I'm in love!!! Have fun with Mardi Gras, lucky girl. ^_^ And I totally hear you on the favorite place!!!

    And Icee's, oh my god. ♥

  4. I have laundry I should be doing right now instead of commenting....but it can wait, one more hour won't hurt it. Loved your blanks :)

  5. oh laundry. i procrastinate with laundry all the time. i need to come up with a schedule because it is just bad.

    love icees. completely agree that it is the perfect consistency.

    hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Lovin' your fill in the blank friday ... maybe will do it later today too, if I have time!

    MMmmmmmm an icee sounds good right now ... even though its blowing up a storm right now outside!

  7. Ugh...procrastination may be the middle name I never knew I had until I procrastinated realizing it is! LOL Pop by Finding Epiphany. Sounds like you and I are in Lala land with our men! xoxo

  8. yeah, mardi gras! :) i just found your blog from FITB & i'm from LA too (BR - born & raised). Fun! Your blog is really cute! :)

  9. I'm a huge procrastinator when it comes to laundry. I have a huge pile of dirty clothes in my bathroom that needs to be washed but I keep ignoring. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. I have laundry waiting in the dryer for me to to fold and now I want an icee!

  11. Gotta love mall icees!
    Enjoying your blog :)

  12. gorgeous blog, written by a gorgeous girl. So glad I found you! Will be following for sure :)

  13. Your blog is so cute! :)
    I love fill in the blank friday!

  14. love love love your blog chica!!!

    have good week!
    xo monica


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