Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cute Kiddo Contest

Contest rules:
- Child must be 6 years and under
- Post photo of your cute kiddo(or niece, nephew, grandchild, brother, sister, what-have-you)
 to Lacey in the Sky facebook page.  Include child's name & age.
- Your child's photo will be added to the Cute Kiddo Contest album, where you will be tagged.
- Go "like" your cute kiddos photo & then spread the word to your friends!  They must first "Like" Lacey in the Sky on facebook & then go to the contest album & "Like" your child's photo!
- The cute kiddo with the most "Likes" wins!
- Contest starts tomorrow!! Get your babies entered!

1 love notes:

  1. if i had a facebook i would totally join in on this because my nephew is to DIE for. good luck to everyone who enters!!


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