Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh, Chicago.

A few weeks ago, MR & I went back to Chicago for his cousin's wedding.  This was my second time there and there wasn't as much urgency to do the Chicago tourist thing, so we just kind of let the wind take us where it wanted and had a grand ol' time!

Fun fact:  I used to collect water globes when I was a kiddo!  My heart still pitter patters for them, from pure nostalgia.  As I grew older I realized collections have to end somewhere because eventually it becomes hoarding & woof, I'm not down with that. I only believe in collecting love now :)

Classic cheesy diner pic!  Sharing a coke at a greek diner we stumbled upon at lunch time one afternoon.
MR gets totally badass in a wall of fog at The Museum of Science and Industry
We came upon this old storefront in Lincoln Park when hunting down a burger joint we saw on Travel Channel last year. [I'll detail that in another post!]  I loved the vintage signage!
And, of course, our reason for visiting Chicago!  MR's seriously adorable cousin got hitched!
I loved that she kept her natural curls for her big day!

Unfortunately on our last day there, MR caught the stomach bug and was down for the count, so I played lots of solitaire while my sicky-poo slept.  Poor guy!  Besides that little hickup, the trip was great!  It was fun to see Chicago in the Summer since we were their for the Fall last time.  Next time we'd like to go for winter!  We'll see if our southern blood can handle it ;)

6 love notes:

  1. I only lived in Chicago for a brief period (like 3 months) and it was in the basement of the O'hare airport. I wish I could have seen it like you did. I never had the time to go out and actually SEE the city for what it was. Glad you enjoyed your stay (despite the last day obviously.)

  2. What FUN! I am loving that picture of you and MR sipping on the straws...super cute! Glad you got to go to Chicago and what fun to go for a it! Winter is beautiful there too and in NYC!

    Liesl :)

  3. i adore that picture of the two of you :) so precious.

    i meeees you! (p.s. it's almost your birthday and i'm excited!)

  4. how fun! i've always wanted to go to chicago but have yet to make it there :)

    love the cheesy dinner pic :)

  5. I'd love to go for a visit! Great pictures. :)

  6. love that first pic and too funny about collecting vs hoarding! Try moving to Manhattan and just wanting to at least keep some of it - it's like my whole apt has turned into a closet but a nice, neat one at that ;-)


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