Thursday, January 5, 2012

Brrr, Burn, Boo Boo Child

It's cold.  Like, way too cold for Louisiana kinda cold.  24 degrees?  What is that all about?  I'm wearing a hoody in bed as we speak.  It's just like 8 mile in here.  Except I'm not sure Eminem ever had the pleasure of watching Teen Mom like I'm doing right now.
This photo is NOT in black and white!!  My sheets are black and white & winter Lacey just happens to match them perfectly.  There's not enough bronzer in the world to handle all the white I've got.
Alright... maybe I'm not AS white as the picture makes me look... but pretty darn close.

Feel the burn
Much like the rest of the world, I have to whip my booty back into shape in the next few months.  It feels so cliche to lose weight at the start of the new year, huh?  It's not my resolution... I don't resolve to do anything for an entire year.  I know myself better than that ;)  It just has to be done.  Normally I lose weight without trying during the winter, but that has not been the case this year.  I've noticed my body reacting differently to my later 20's than my earlier 20's and I don't like it one bit.  I don't know what it misunderstood about "Please be as good as you've been to me and don't make me work for it.", but it got confused somewhere along the lines and has been nothing but a screw up since 27 came knockin' on my door.  
SO, I've decided I have to learn to like running.  
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Which means I have to learn to run without falling on the ground and having an asthma attack.  All this to say I'm starting a Couch to 5k this week.
I'm doing this one because it has fun music.  Wanna do it with me?  No?  Ah, I don't blame you.

Honey Boo Boo Child
Lastly, did anyone see the newest episode of Toddlers and Tiaras Wednesday night?  Oh. My. Word.
This family may be the classiest yet!

This child could be the most annoying child on the planet.  I couldn't find any clips of what I REALLY wanted to show you, but basically it's her Mom telling her to 'take out her fat belly' and squish it in her hands and such for the judges.  Uhm, what?  It was disgusting and weird and made for great tv... clearly.

That is all.
Have a happy Thursday, folks!

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  1. Aw. I had to go to bed early last night so I missed toddlers and tiaras. It'll hopefully be on sometime today.
    That picture DOES look b&w! haha! Still very pretty though. :) Good luck with your new work out! I'll be starting mine as soon as I feel better. Of course I had to get sick the first week of the year, postponing my work out goals.

  2. Im starting the couch to 5k too! Good luck!!

  3. Omg, that little girl had me rolling last night!! and yes it is to cold for louisiana!

  4. Good luck with the 5K program! Couch to 5K worked really well for me, and I started to really fall in love with running. My best advice: BE PATIENT. You will get frustrated. You will want to move ahead in the program. You will feel like it's hard. Or easy. Stick with the program and you'll be fine!

  5. That IS cold!! Stay in bed where it's warm!

    I also probably shouldn't tell you that it's 80 degrees today in Southern California. It's actually as strange as the weather you're experiencing there. NOT normal. Typically warmer here, yes. 80 degrees in January warmer? Nope.

    And that clip -- I don't know whether to vomit or call CPS on that mom. So sad. I've watched the show from time to time, but I've convinced myself if I watch it that I'm promoting the show (which I don't want to do LOL), so I rarely see it. I already got the gist anyway - the mothers are awful and the kids are ridiculous! Can you imagine them as adults? EEEEK!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thursday too Lacey!! :) :)

  6. Its 17 here, DURING THE DAY... I got you beat :)

  7. i'm mind blown with this weather. it might have been nearly 65 where i'm at. IN IOWA. i'm also not complaining. also blowing my mind? these children. at least all the future therapists have job security.

  8. I'm back to working out too now that morning sickness has subsided...but I'm not running. Ha! Go you!

  9. I'll gladly give you a few degrees from our 80 degree weather this week... I thought it was winter?

    That "honey boo boo" girl is something else. I'm a little bit afraid to think of what she'll grow up to be like as a teenager.

  10. I so cannot stand that Toddlers and Tiaras show. I think its wrong what those parents force those kids to go thru. However that little girl was cracking me up. It is disturbing but she is funny!

  11. Honey boo boo child is apparently from my area of Georgia. As if we're not thought of badly enough! Please keep us updated on the Couch to 5K thing. I've been considering it for awhile now. Let me know if you survive! ;)

  12. oh. my. god. is that little girl and her family for real?! ugh. and can you say hoarder of products?! wow.

    as for the running, good luck lady!


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