Monday, February 20, 2012


Last week two new babies came into my life!  My niece was born on Wednesday and one of my best gals had her precious son on Tuesday!  If you know me, you know there's nothing I love more than a good baby snuggle, so having a couple more babes around to spread the love is the bees knees.  Yes- the knees of the bees!

Meet Baby E, my 3rd niece!  She is tiny and precious.  She enjoys sleeping, snuggling & squeaking.  I like all of those things too, so I think she and I are going to get along just fine.
Meet Baby B, my best friends boy!  He is a hunk, isn't he?  He has mega kissable cheeks, enjoys a good swaddle and startles easily which gives me the giggles.

In honor of these two precious souls we are going to have BABY WEEK here at Lacey in Love!  
All things baby- all week long!  That  includes 4 giveaways!
So stay tuned, ladies!

[all giveaways will be posted at noon, central standard time]

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