Friday, February 10, 2012

Pinning gone wrong

These pins weren't pinned onto "Haha, ew, weird" boards.... they were pinned to "I like, want, think it's cute" boards.  My mind is blown.
Swirly Braid

Braid FAIL.  It looks like a snake it slithering up her head.

Nothing about puppies suckling man hands is cute.

Teddy Bear Taco Tart
 "Bear shaped taco tarte".  Rule of thumb:  If  it's shaped like an animal and made out of meat- do not eat it.

Great Glutes in 20 minutes
This ass is scary.  It could literally beat me up.

Buffalo Chicken Super Bowl Cupcakes via @cupcakeproject OH MY!
Yep, that is an actual chicken wing on top of a cupcake.  A cupcake with wing sauce in the batter and chunks of bleu cheese in the icing.  Altogether now.... BLECH.

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12 love notes:

  1. Oh my god! that cupcake thing just made me lose my breakfast.

  2. ok I kinda think that girl's ass is amazing. Like I might re-pin it BUT I'm so with you on the weird stuff on pinterest, or stuff that doesn't look good or wouldnt work if it did ... sometimes I get kinda ticked at people for pinning seriously dumb stuff. And that bear?? EW.

  3. oh my gosh, that cupcake makes me wanna vom! but that ass is killer.. i'll take it!

  4. Oh wow, yuck!!! That braid is so bizarre. Go figure?!?

  5. Ewww...was that a chicken wing on a cupcake?!?? GROSS i say!

  6. Hahaha love this. Usually I love everything on Pinterest...but I could see why these would make the NO NO list hahah

  7. That hair? How is that possible? That cupcake is just plain disgusting.

  8. Ah-Ha! I see you are a Pinterest fanatic like me! :)

    Those are some interesting posts...correction - "pins". ;) Amongst my favorites I've found {and even recreated from Pinterest - including recipes, home improvement ideas, and crafts} - I'd have to agree with you, these "pins" I could do without!

    Great Topic, Great Post!

  9. Haha, these are great...I mean what are people thinking?!

  10. gross. definitely pins gone wrong!


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