Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter should be more awkward

Easter isn't quite as strange as it used to be, huh?  Why don't we dress movie stars in weird costumes and take horribly awkward photos of them anymore?  [I said movie stars, not pop singers.]
Can you imagine Julia Roberts and Reese Witherspoon dressed in furry bunny costumes, hopping around or (my personal fav) riding a giant egg carriage being pulled by a huge bunny?

Hope your Friday is lovely!

3 love notes:

-Lauren said...

So funny and awkward. Happy Easter pretty!

Lydia Thompson said...

lol, Happy Easter. those pix are seriously creepy!

Sarah B. said...

Thanks for sharing the Easter awkwardness! I think I'm glad things have become a little less strange around the holiday. Hehe. Happy Easter!

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