Wednesday, June 20, 2012

4 Questions, 1 Answer Link Up!

Four Questions, One Answer:
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1}  What has been your favorite vacation destination?
2}  What is your least favorite feeling in the world?
3}  What song pulled you through that tough spot?
I was dating Mr. Right Now to keep myself away from Mr. Broke My Heart Into A Million Tiny Pieces and feeling like I may never get it quite right.  I gave up on worrying about finding Mr. Right & decided to fall in love with myself(and eventually shut down the whol Mr. Right Now relationship because it was just a time suck.) This one pushed me through it.  Shortly after the Lacey Love Fest I found Mr. Right.  They say when you stop looking you will find him, right?  That just happened to be true for me.  I loved getting to know myself again and have learned that it's a continual process.
4}  What item of clothing do you feel most confident in?

2 love notes:

  1. This is very much true. When you love yourself it is easier to love others.

    And I found my husband when not looking either. Actually when I started liking myself after being independent for awhile - it just clicked!

  2. I have found that as long as I do not expect much from people, they cannot disappoint me. Then when they do something mediocre, its like, Oh Wow :)

    I most definitely was not looking at the age of 19 when I found my hubs, isn't love amazing ♥


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