Thursday, June 7, 2012

Let's go to the beach!

Saturday morning we'll hop in the car and head off for our annual beach vacation with MR's family.  1 week of sun and sand!  So, of course, right now I am furiously making lists of everything we will need.  It's a lot of work, this whole "vacation" thing... and we don't even have kids in tow!  If we had kids in tow you would see a load of toys and quadruple the margaritas in this "neccessities" set I created!  ;)

let's go to the beach

Sunnies are a must!  I notoriously buy cheapo sunglasses(forever21 usually) because I am also notorious for breaking them!

A big beach towel!  The average size is okay, but if you plan on throwing your towel down on the sand to lay out, you need the big kind! 

Beach bag!  I could actually use a new beach bag.  Mine has some wear and tear... a sign of fun beach times, I suppose!  I keep books, magazines, sunblock, an ipod dock and my camera tucked away inside.

Sunscreen!  My absolute favorite is Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch with an SPF of at least 30.  Below 30 and you're not getting enough protection.  This stuff goes on so easily, doesn't leave you the least bit greasy and smells good!  It's  Broad Spectrum as well, which means it's protecting against UVA & UVB rays.  For lips I like Nivea with SPF 30.  This is a recent find!  It's not super thick like lots of lip spf.

Waterproof mascara!  What?  I can't help it.  My eyes NEED mascara!

A cover up!  The one shown is just an everyday sundress... which is often what I wear out to the beach.  I have some actual "Swimsuit Covers", but really... it's all the same.

A spray fan!  MR bought us one of these at Jazz Fest this year & oh boy, it made all the difference!

Margaritas!  Chi Chi's makes a really good skinny margarita and it comes at a really good price!  $9.99 for a big jug!  

Coconut body wash!  The beach? No better time to smell like a coconut!

An umbrella!  Because at some point, you're going to need the shade!

And a cute suit, of course!

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