Monday, January 12, 2009

Closet cLeAn Up!

I sorted. I cleaned. I dusted. I rearranged. I de-cluttered. I purged.
Here's how it all went down:

Uhm... it's A LOT of pictures. Scroll away!

Poor Doll Face thought she was going to get lost in all that crap!

This rubbermaid "dresser" happened to fit under the desk I already had... so I went with it. At this point I had just pulled everything out and sorted my fabric into the three drawers. Boy fabric, Girl fabric & Scraps.

Remember the crack I made about you guys showing up at my house with Dymo label makers? Guess who got themselves one & went to town with it? No, not Regis Philbin. That was a weird guess. It's ME!
Then I remembered that this table has a little leaf & it made more sense to pull the other rubber made drawers out of the corner(where they weren't really accessible) and put it under the leaf! (I removed the top drawer because the arm that holds up the leaf was in the way.) Once I got to this point I sat in my chair and staired at it for about an hour. I. WAS. BEAT.

Day 2 of my closet clean up:

I needed to make those ugly plastic drawers look pretty! (I emailed both of the people about the desks I posted pictures of, but neither emailed me back. They may have already sold them, I don't know? Anyway, I didn't have time to go looking for anything else. That closet was making me ill, y'all.) Anyway! Carrie told me she put scrapbook paper on the front of her plastic drawers to hide the mess inside & that idea sounded peachy to me! I substituted scrapbook paper with wrapping paper since my drawers are big!

I cut out the shape of the drawer and taped it to the inside(so it doesn't get torn and funky)!

It still looked a little naked, so I cut some thick grosgrain ribbon, glued the edges down & hot glued it onto the top edges of the drawers. Once I finished that, I could see the finish line in sight! I cleaned up and began placing everything where I wanted it.

I put the jewelry board on the right wall. It fit perfect! Isn't it cute? I made it a few years back when I was having a jewelry organization melt down. I actually own the shoes, necklace & purse that I painted on there :)
I stuffed all of my shoes back into my hanging bags & pushed them in the left corner. They don't look neat in the bags because almost every slot has 2 pairs in it! I started to count them and stopped at 40.. I have a problem.

Anyway, are you ready for it?! The big TA-DAA!?


Aghh, much better! Don't the drawers look great? I'm pretty pleased for $20(I already owned the wrapping paper!) and minimal work! I already had this cork board covered in white fabric to take pictures of my items on & decided to hang it in the back of the closet because it just looked nakey back there! I hung some of my items(finished & unfinished) up there and used punch out letters to write out my name...just for a splash of fun! I also thought a dry erase board would come in handy to write my orders out on when they come in! My old one was funky, so I grabbed an old frame and stuck some scrapbook paper in it! A free dry-erase "board"... easy as pie! I also used the wrapping paper technique on my desktop drawers & paper/book holder.

YAYYYY! All done! Waking up in the morning to a clean closet is going to be LOVELY! Thanks for the motivation!! :)

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  1. Very cute!!! You have inspired me to do something about the giant mess that I call my closets (yes, also plural. There are three.)

  2. Oh my goodness, your closet looks AMAZING! One day I'll do this to my entire house....*sigh*

  3. What a difference...I love how you put the paper in the drawers; love the pattern; it gives the plain ol tupperware drawers a whole new look!

  4. It looks great! i love the wrapping paper idea! I'm gonna have to try that! I bet you were exhausted. I'm tired just readin about it. Good job Lacey!

  5. WOW! Great job, it's crazy how much better it looks.

    Oh, and I died a little inside when I saw your fabulous jewelry board. So jealous!

    The whole room looks adorable and I love your craftiness

  6. Wow, what a difference! I really like what you've done with the whole space and I envy your craftiness!

  7. Ooohhh! I love it! Can I hire you to come do my closet next? Please? :)

  8. I love it! It looks so much better!

    And you are so very creative! =) Great job!

  9. Oh, that looks so good! I'm going to use a few of your ideas when I finally get to my office area in "shit sling 2009" You are so super-creative. (And you still have my song playing)

  10. YAY!! It looks great! Conrats on the awesome closet!

  11. I like the wrapping paper to hide the clear drawers! I did two closets a couple of weeks ago and I am putting off all others!

  12. Great job! I really like the wrapping paper inside the drawers, it gives the closet such a clean look overall.

  13. Love this! And I just checked out your etsy shop. I believe I will SOOO be buying one of those dresses for my baby girl. Too freaking cute!


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