Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More random than you

I'm about to be random, so hang on.

1) I have a friend in town who is staying with me. He joined the Navy after high school and has been in San Diego doing Navy things(you know? haha) since then. He's hilarious and kind of ridiculous and I'm enjoying having him around again... but it's kind of exhausting as well! I didn't even spend the full day with him and feel tired! I think it's just feeling the need to entertain constantly. Yawnnnnn.

2) I think some of my girlfriends may have found ye old bloggy here. I saw two familiar locations within a few hours of one another on my "Where did you come from?" box. So, if you're there... TRL style shout out to my favorite bitches! Wooooooooooooooo! It always weirds me out when I see a familiar location come across though. Anyone else feel that way? It's all fine and dandy because I don't have much to hide that I would be saying around these parts... but still!

3) With all of these blog award things going on, it made me wonder what my blog would be categorized under? I have no idea! When I started out it was to help promote my shop, then soon enough people were just stopping by for the fun of it... so I got a little more personal. THEN it became a form of therapy for me- free therapy is the best therapy, my friend. Now, it's just a mish-mash of happenings. Whatever, I don't need a category! It just made me wonder...

4) Now that my closet is cleaned out I seriously need to finish my bedroom. Then what will I turn my attention to? I am the kind of person who always likes to be doing something, changing something, fixing something! It gets expensive though! I need to throw all of that creativity into my work.

5) I've been so busy lately... I need to take time to visit friends. I miss them all. Makes me sad :(

6) Personal reminder: Call that dress shop in TN and give them your measurements for your bridesmaid dress! (I know if I type this out, it will stick in my head and I'll finally do it!)

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  1. Random posts are my faves. :)

    Do you think having your friends read your blog will make you censor it? My family reads mine and I think about it sometimes and I'm like, maybe I shouldn't have said that... but I try not to.

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  3. haha, i love the randomness!!! i dont even know how to check who reads my blog...i havent figured that out yet....

    my family reads it. my bff reads it i think. i dont really know who else. i tend to be pretty uninhibited in real life too so they should expect nothing less.

    it would kinda freak me out i guess to all the sudden know that all these people in my area were reading it though....come to think of it....

  4. I hateeee entertaining for long periods of time. It is quite exhausting!

  5. I love random posts. you get a lot of info out in one shot.

  6. Hey, if you find a category, let me know. I'm pretty sure I'm in the same category.

  7. Still catching up....did you actually call the dress shop and give measurements???


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