Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Drop it like it's Hot

"House Guest" Brandon & I
Ergh, I didn't feel well today. I was fighting off a fever most of the day & feeling bad that I couldn't hang out with my house guest.(YES, he's still here.) I actually quarantined myself to my bedroom because I don't want to risk getting him sick. He's going to dive school in Chicago in a few days and going into that with a cold & fever would really suck. My pictures today are of a card that Brandon(house guest) made me about 8 years ago when I was apparently sick. I used to call him Turtle boy, because he reminded me of this skater cartoon by the same name. NICE, I know. That's how I roll. I actually hated Brandon when we first met... he drove me insane. He still kind of does, I just find it a little funnier now! Anyway, I think the card is so cute! It's very true to our friendship. A little nice, a little funny, a little weird. Hopefully seeing my old school card will do the trick and make me feel all better ;)

I danced for about 12 years and was on the dance team, so Brandon would always tell me he was going to show me how to "wobblety wobblety, drop drop it like it's hot". Goof Ball. He showed me the other night while we were out.

Haha! Classy, I know.

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14 love notes:

  1. I hope you feel better soon!
    Enjoy dancing while you can...I love to dance...only it is now a little weird for a 50 year old to be on the dance floor! :)

  2. Work on your wobblety wobblety while you can. He sounds like a fun friend.

  3. Feel better soon.

    Come on I'm taking y'all on a tour of the Texas State Aquarium via photos!!!! See ya later alligator...Oops, I let the 'cat out of the bag'...Yep, there are alligators. One photo anyway.

    Happy Wednesday.

  4. Hope you feel better.. that's one great friend.

  5. Wobbelty wobbelty? Now that is funny. I hope you are feeling better!

  6. Hope you feel better soon. It sounds like you have a fun friend.

  7. There is nothing like a special, fun certainly have got one!

    Thanks for coming by my blog! :)
    Happy Wordful Wednesday!

  8. What a great friend to have...keep the card so you can always remember!

  9. Aww, how sweet that you got the card after all these years.

    Turtle Boy, whats wrong with Turtle Boy? LOL We used to call my lady killer Franklin (you know, that cartoon turtle?). He kinda looked like him when he was in the NICU. But in a cute way!

    Hope you feel better!

  10. looks like a fun night? any more pics you care to share??

  11. Haha! You silly kids! Hope you feel better soon!

  12. Your cracking me up!! Hope you feel better now!!


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