Monday, January 19, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Today I was laying around having a lovely(lazy) Sunday, when I decided to check my email for no apparent reason. I had an etsy conversation email notice, so I clicked in thinking it was an order or question about an item. Uhhhm, nope. It was a writer for The Times Picayune(it's the big paper in my area) wondering if she could drop my shop name and a photo of one of my items in a piece she's doing on locally made baby shower gifts. Why, YES... YES YOU CAN. I'm pretty sure I jumped up and started doing the cabbage patch at that point! It's quite pricey to take out an add in that paper, so I feel like I just nabbed myself a bit of free press! Whoot Whoot! Free is my favorite.
However, I now feel the need to list more items in my shop which means this week is going to be crazy busy with creative goodness. I'm still wandering down my gypsy road... I just have to take the next exit to babyland for a few days.
Here are a couple of bibs I did for some friends of mine who are having a little girl in Feb.! Pretty stinkin' cute!(Yep-that's me patting myself on the back, folks!)
Makes you wanna go get yourself knocked up, eh? Haha, alright... NOTHING is THAT cute!

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  1. Oooh! They ARE cute! Congratulations on the free press! :D

  2. Congrats on the free publicity in the Times! Let us know when it will be published so I can be sure to grab a copy!

  3. congrats!!! Im soooo happy for you! =)

    and while your bibs are the cutest that Ive ever seen, Im not ready to get knocked up. ha ha

  4. Hooray for free press! That's the best. Have fun being crafty this week!

  5. If you see these and want to get knocked up, go here:

    and remember you don't!

    But, they are the most adorable bibs....

  6. Love it.

    Im going to be ordering from you later today.

    My little one is only 4 weeks away :D

  7. ok thats it!!! i think we need to get one made for my baby niece....dont you think!??!

  8. Yes..mines is Aiden.

    I did order Chance (my cousins on the way baby) and Sara, my god-daughter.

    Thank you!!!


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