Saturday, January 17, 2009

Honest Crap

Kim at The Antisdal Abstract gave me this award a while back and I JUST realized it... whoopsie! The switching of blog addreses got me a little screwed up. Anyway, here goes!

Kim said she had no idea what this award means... therefore, neither do I! She, much like myself thought it was the "honest crap" award when she saw it floating around on different blogs. Honest Crap would probably describe what goes on around here a little better anyway!
I'm supposed to list ten random things about myself & then pass the award along to some other peeps.
1.) I'm five feet two and a half inches tall.(5'2 1/2" looked confusing, so I typed it out for you.) I always wonder how tall people are when you don't see them in person.(Like Jessica Simpson, I thought she was tall until I read an article that said she's 5'3")
2.) I played a Hot Box girl in my High School's Senior Play, Guys and Dolls. I look really stupid with bleach blonde hair.
3.) I'm pretty sure I suffer with a slight case of insomnia. Seriously.
4.) I quite liked The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I read a few people's blogs who saw it and thought it was too long, depressing, boring...etc. But I thought it was lovely and entertaining!
5.) I don't care for pork, steak or hamburgers that are thicker than the kids burger from Sonic! Basically... I eat a lot of chicken and fish.(Oh! & once a week I go have mexican food with my Sis!)
6.) I have every season of Gilmore Girls on DVD. I find it witty and smart, which is a combo you don't come across too often in a one hour show.
7.) I've never felt compelled to smoke. I think it would break my Mom's heart... oh yeah, and it's horrible for you!
8.) I think dresses are just as comfortable as jeans.
9.) I'm not sure I'll ever LOVE my body.
10.) I just got an order for a very famous football players newborn baby. My brother in law does PR for his team and asked if I could make him some things. Pretty cool, eh?
I think everyone has gotten this award... but I'll pick a few anyway!

4 love notes:

  1. I love Gilmore girls! It was seriuosly one of the BEST shows on t.v. I was heartbroken when it pulled the plug!

  2. oh, thanks for the shout out. i just got home and I'll have to think of some random things about myself to post. Congrats on the article!! hope lots of new business comes your way.

  3. I have never smoked a cigarette either! My parents smoke so it has always grossed me out!


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