Monday, February 2, 2009

It Aint No Country Club Either

Hey YOU! ;) How was your weekend? Tell me about it!
Here's some of what I did:
The area of wall between my bathroom door and my bedroom door bored me to the point that I couldn't take it anymore.
See? Ugh, bor-ing. I did paint that little picture up there though, which I still like... just need a change.
Soooo, VOILA! Much better, right? I got the charger from Target and the leopard plate from Ross. I just love them! They are both plastic! Ya' know what? Now that I think about it, the shelves and the oval frame are also plastic! Can't even tell, can you? I got those from The Dollar Tree a while back! Can't beat a buck! The "this aint no DISCO" picture came about from a conversation I once had with a coworker about songs you can't help but be happy when you hear. She said Spiderwebs by No Doubt. Good one. I sat there thinking and finally came up with one... kind of. I couldn't for the life of me think of the name of it, so I just kept saying... "You know... THIS AINT NO DISCO!" She couldn't think of it either and just thought I was off my rocker. We finally thought of it a few days later(All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow). To this day when I see or talk to her I will randomly throw it in... doesn't matter what we're talking about.
Her: Ew, fugly sweater. What was she thinking?
Me: Well, this aint no disco.

Her: My mom is nuts. I mean seriously, nuts. We've got the papers to prove it. When she gets here hide the liquor.
Me: Sheesh. This aint no disco.

See? Works for me everywhere and always makes me smile.
(I will likely change to some new lyrics in a few months... keep it fresh, you know?)
Another peek at something that will find it's way into my shop! Criss Cross Spring dress- Eek! It's so cute & tiny :) I can make them in any kiddo size, but I always make my first one in a newborn size because everything is just so cute when it's itty bitty.
Well, I'm off!
Have a HaPpY MoNdAY!

All My Lovin',

3 love notes:

  1. I love your headband and I love what you did with that wall!

  2. prettyness, your wall looks so pretty :)

  3. you are too cute. i wish you lived here so you can decorate my new apartment!!! ...when i get one that is.... ;)


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