Friday, March 13, 2009

Because everyone loves a RANDOM post

So, I was originally going to announce the winner of my Spring Fling today, but instead I will wait until tomorrow and announce it at the end of blogversations with Summer!
Yesterday, I had a few moments that were pure perfection. They looked like this...

I know. I told you, remember?!
The rest of it was not so grand. I started my day by going to pick up some bibs I had dropped off earlier in the week to a boutique I sell to. It was a special order for 3 bibs, and the woman asked if I could make them 2 INCHES LONGER. 2 INCHES!?! What the heck? Weird request! She didn't even care if the extra two inches were functioning or not... they could be ribbon or ponpom balls for all she cared. WHY, WHY, WHY?! They looked cuter the first time I finished them, that's all I'm saying! ::Sighs:: Alright, I'm done with that.
I also started on a few other projects and orders, which I hate. I like to start and finish things all in one day... I can't stand leaving a project sitting!
My bedroom is a mess and I have to get it straight by tomorrow afternoon, because we have friends coming in town from MN. My parents met them on a trip to Europe & they became fast friends. They have 2 little ones, so I'll have EVER MORE BABIES to play with for the next few days! Which brings me to another topic...
I'm sick of living with my parents. I love them, and I love spending time with them... but I'm ready for my own place again. I miss my apartment.
Did you guys recognize the bucket in the background of the picture above? Remember I showed you my re-do a few months ago(on the old blog)? Here's the replay.
Bought for $3 at Tuesday morning. They reduced the price fro me because it had some scuffs! Don't be afraid to ask the cashier if they can reduce the price if there is a flaw! I used to be so embarrassed when my Mom would do that when I was younger, but I have NO SHAME now!
I grabbed some gorgeous robins egg blue spray paint and prettied her up with it!

She needed some shine, so I added some bling! I felt like it was still lacking something, so I ended up adding the black ribbon. I LOVE it now :) It cost me $10 total! It sits on my nightstand and holds my journal, books, body lotion... you know, all my night time must haves! I know I couldn't have found something I love in any store as much as I love this! And, seriously? You can't beat $10! It just goes to show you what a little paint and jewelry can do!(Oh & those hearts aren't a part of the bucket. They're just radiating off of my cupcake!)

Come back tomorrow for Blogversations! Those of you who have asked me whether I have an accent or not can finally judge for yourselves!

Holy Geez, if you made it through this randomness... CONGRAT
ULATIONS! YOU, my friend, deserve a red velvet cupcake!

***edited to add... once I published this post and re-read it I realized that at some point I accidentally typed FRO instead of FOR, I'm too lazy to go back and find that, but just letting you know I DID in fact see it. It bugged me enough to come back here and tell you, but not enough to find it and fix it.***

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  1. yum...i could go for a starbucks coffee and red velvet cup cake myself! yummy! and i love that bucket!

    don't forget today is Free Giveaway Friday, so be sure to swing by The Pink Potpourri and enter to win!

  2. You are so cute.

    Good job doing monthly talks. Jimmy and I are starting that too.

    And I love the bucket. I need one on my nightstand...but I'm too lazy to make one. ;-)

  3. ooh, I love random posts! =)

    I remember that pail!! I loved it then and I love it now. youre sooooooooo talented!

  4. Thats cute :) and now I'm craving starbucks!!

  5. I like the little container - very nice redo. ;)

  6. Cupcake and starbucks?? sign me up:)

  7. Love the bucket! Great idea -- just might have to steal it (the idea, that is)! And because I'm anal about spelling, I was very upset that I didn't find your typo the first time through... I even went back and reread your post looking for it... Whew. Found it the second time. Now we can both feel better about it.

  8. I just watched your vlog and you are SO ADORABLE. Haha, too cute to watch. I'm glad you and Boy had a nice serious conversation. I used to love those!

  9. There's a good chance, and I mean good chance, that I'll borrow this crafty idea of yours once we get down to LA and get set up.

  10. okay 2 inches longer of non functioning bib is super bizarre

  11. Cute bucket! Just coming over from SITS...

  12. Whew.. I did make it the whole way through this random posting. Yum on the SB and cupcake. That container is cute. I make purses & bags and I'm finding people want to order what they want, but I don't want to make what they want. Decided I'd just make what I want and if they like them, they can buy them.


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