Thursday, April 16, 2009

De-Funk Your Fashion Friday: Xazmin

It's that time again! Let's Roll...

Xazmin is a Momma to 4, wife to 1 and friend of many! She's on a quest to lose some lbs, and has promised herself a sweet little gift WHEN she reaches her goal weight! A gift any girly girl would love... SHOES! When I found out this little tid-bit about her, I knew that the outfit I chose for her would revolve around those shoes! In fact... it would be all about the shoes! As if her 'goal shoes' weren't enough to make me love her, she says she's a "Stay at home Mom with grand aspirations of living up to the title of "Homemaker". My dream job, yall! ;)

Xazmin told me she was going to a concert in Vegas in a few months, and wanted me to pick out an outfit for the occasion! I poked around until I found out what concert. She's going to, drumroll please

drumroll Pictures, Images and Photos


The moment I read this, flashbacks of my childhood went rushing through my head. Sleeping bags, t-shirts, cassette tapes... "Please don't gooooo giiiiirrrrrlllll!" Haha! Well Xazmin, I hope you like the outfit! I know you are going to have a blast!

When I first thought Vegas, I automatically wanted to choose something flashy. Then I remember the shoes. I wanted it to be all about those shoes she's working so hard for! I went with a simple jersey knit flutter sleeve dress(Vegas during the summer-HOT!) with a thick black belt to cinch in that wittled waist! The "Vegas" comes in with the accessories! The zebra clutch, the flashy earrings, the diamond band rings & some hot pink polish to match those perfectly pink reward heels!

Enjoy Xazmin! Scream at Jordan a little bit for me! Wooooooo!

If you want to be De-Funked, leave me a comment saying "De-Funk Me!"

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  1. You're the best! I LOVE the outfit. I'm doubly motivated now. In fact you deterred me from that midnight snack I'm cravin'!

    This was so fun - and although I'm a Joey girl, I'll give a little "woot-woot" for Jordan for ya!

    Thanks...I love it!

  2. How fun!!! I'm the other half of the concert goin' momma, and o.k. I could realllllly use some de-funking! Those shoes are sooooo Xazmin. Adorable outfit! I'm a Donnie girl myself!

  3. I'm over from Xazmin's page and I just had to say the I LOVE lOvE LoVe the outfit! The shoes and the clutch are so stinkin' cute! Xazmin and I share a love for 'the boys'. I know she'll look smokin' hott at the concert! I'm hoping she doesn't catch TOO much of Joey's attention...I need him to save a little for me in Dallas! :)

    Great job! Hope you have a fabulous Friday!!

  4. I LOVE the outfit. I saw NKOTB twice last year when they came to town. I would definitely go again if they come back around my way. I <3 Donnie!

  5. I saw what you did with Xazmin that is so great. I would like a turn when you have a chance. "De Funk ME!"

  6. Oooohhh, NKOTB! I loved Jordan when I was a girl... *sigh* Memories!!

  7. Haha! I was always in love with Jordan too--until I saw him on some reality show a few years back and he was such a tool. Oh well. Your outfit rocks! You are REALLY good at that!!

  8. Love the NKOTB and loooooove the outfit!! You're so good!!!

  9. Xazmin's post sent me over this way. I would sooo like to be de-funked. (Does that make the assumption that I am funky in the first place? Cuz that would be inaccurate.)
    What a fun blog you have!

  10. Oh my gawd! Those shoes are the BOMB!! Though it would take a trip to Vegas for me to be able to wear them! Great outfit though! cant wait until its my turn! Happy weekend to ya...

  11. That is such a fun outfit! I wouldn't be able to walk in heels, but they are awesome!

    I would love to be de-funked! No events here, just every day life.

    Your blog is so fun!

  12. Girlfriend, you need to do this for a living. You ROCK. Don't forget about me, K? :)

  13. That is such a cute outfit! You have a knack for that!

  14. Xazmin is gonna look HOT! You did great!

    In my opinion, for whta's it's worth, you should de-funk Tanielle next since they're going together!

    Have a great weekend!


  15. I would be your BFF if you'd de-funk my wardrobe! ;) I have two little girls (3 and 1) and I am turning (gulp!!) 29 on Tuesday. My mom seems to think that since I am a mother and getting close to 30 (waaaah!) that I should dress like a 40 year old school marm. The last shirt she bought me was a a red cotton tee-shirt with one of those quilted country stars on it. SHE doesn't even wear stuff like that! ;) I need some help...I'm in a real fashion rut! I seem to live in my dark-wash jeans and dark tops to camouflage the weight I gained after having the girls. I'd love your help if you ever have a chance! Love your blog, and I will definitely be back. :)

  16. P.S. Meant to say that the bag you chose for Xazmin is just to die for. I'd lick that. ;) ;)

  17. De-funk me!! De-funk me!! I am 8 months preggo and totally feeling BLLLLAAAAAHHHHH!!!


  18. I seriously need to you come up here and go shopping with me. I suck at clothes shopping. Serious. This is adorable!!


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