Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gotta Have That De-Funk

It's time for De-Funk Your Fashion Friii, whoops! I mean Saturday!

(We'll be back to Friday next week!)

Let me explain what De-Funk means, so none of you think that I think you're funky! Haha! Ever been in a fashion funk? Nothing in your closet looks appealing to YOU anymore? Bored?

That's what it's all about! Since I can't physically look into your closet, I will dig deep into your blog and learn all about little ol' you and come up with an outfit according to my findings!

First up to bat today is Bethany from Somethin' to Talk About!

Bethany is a Mother of 3: 2 gorgeous girls here on Earth, and 1 handsome boy waiting for her in heaven. She is a BUSY woman to say the very least! She works, takes care of her husband and girls, directs a non-profit foundation in memory of her son... oh, and she still manages to look like this:Isn't she adorable?
Bethany, much like myself, is apparently in the wedding phase of her life. Friends and family everywhere have decided NOW is the time to get married! Do you know what a pain that is? First of all, present buying drains the bank account. Second, buying clothes to wear to the weddings & showers drains the bank account. Alright... I could go on and on. Let's cut to the chase. Friends and family getting married is expensive for US! So, of course I've put together an outfit on the cheap for Bethany!


I. AM. IN. LOVE. with this top! I swear I started drooling when I found it. It is under $20, can you even believe that? It looks couture! I actually found it when I wasn't specifically looking for Bethany, but when I saw it I knew she could pull it off. After the top, the rest all fell in place. A Damask handbag($10), T strap heels($23) & black bezzle jewelry(each piece is under $6)! Perfect, right? The best part? Since it's so many separate pieces, you can mix them with other things and get endless uses out of them! I've gotta say... I think people may turn their attention from the bride to look at you ;)

Next, I have LeAnna from The Hills!
LeAnna is a workin' girl(not that kind, silly), wife & Mommy to two pups! No real babies yet! Take your time, girl! If you had real babies, you wouldn't be able to go on this fabulous beach vacation with your friends you told me about! LeAnna and her Hubs will celebrate their 2 year wedding anniversary this July :) Look at this sweetness:

(What kind of cake was that, LeAnna? Yum. I'm feeling like a fat kid trip to Starbucks for a cupcake now!) Okay, onto the beach trip! She and hubs are going with a group of friends & she wanted something cute & beachy to wear! LeAnna

Ahh, isn't this fun? So bright and summery! I started with the yellow polka dot bikini! Makes you wanna sing, doesn't it? Then I found the large canvas tote, which I like because it can work as a beach bag and purse. Flip flops, sunscreen & sunglasses for the beach! The dress and wedges for shopping, dinner or a night out! I love this dress. I want it for myself! You MUST paint your toes red, but I understand if you're scared of the red lip! If this is the case, go to the drugstore and buy Nivea Kiss of Flavor-Cherry! It's the perfect hint of color without freaking out the freaks. These are all affordable picks as well! You can click the pic. to check out where to find these items & prices! Have FUN, LeAnna! Be sure to post beach pics for us so we can all be jealous!

Wanna be De-Funked? Comment "De-funk me!"
I'll add you to the list & let you know when your Friday is coming up! I will even send you the De-funk a day early so that you can post it on your blog(if you so choose) the same day I post it on mine!

13 love notes:

  1. Your outfits are sooo cute! (and so cheap!) YOu should have your own TV show. I know you'd be so charming with your southern accent and sassy self!

  2. Aw, they both look fab. Where is that top from???

  3. I need that pink top and damask bag...where are they from? Do share!

  4. If you click on the pictures of the outfits, it will take you to the webpage that tells you where it's all from!

  5. I love what you came up with. The wedding outfit especially is wonderful. You are right. The shirt is amazing. You have a gift. A gift. :)

  6. LACEY!! SO FREAKIN CUTE! I was in the process of sending you my email address and thought I would just check and see if they were up and YAY! Love the yellow, that s SO my color right now. I also like the other outfit too, may have to check that one out too! Thank you much for your help! And Ill definitely post the beach pics!

    P.S. The cake in the picture was my husbands grooms cake, it was ALL chocolate! Im not a bug fan of chocolate so for his cutting pics, I just fed it to him! HA!

  7. Both way ADORABLE! I think both are the perfect picks!

    This is such a fun feature!

  8. Okay, j'adore those earrings for Bethany and the clutch too! That yellow dress is to die for...makes me want to get my post baby-body back into shape pronto! I love that you give us links so we can find all the cute stuff. Can't 'til my turn rolls around! :) Great job!

  9. I love love love that topic in the wedding outfit. I must have it!!

  10. Both of those outfits are SO adorable! I need to find an event to go to so you can de-funk me LOL

  11. You, my friend, are a genius!!! I love it!!!! And thanks for the sweet things you said about me and for mentioning Jack...that brought tears to my eyes. :)

  12. im HOOKED!!!! please "de-funk me!!!" =) beth's outfit is adorable! oh, ill need your email address so i can add you to my blog is private!

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