Friday, April 3, 2009

Happy to you, Mamare!

Today is my Grandma's 73rd Birthday! We call her Mamare, because she felt she was too young and hip to be "Grandma". She was right. She's a beer drinking, quick tongued, church going, first to help kind of woman.

Doesn't she look GREAT?
I gave her a vintage card I made for her in 1996 that my Uncle found in a box of pictures. It says
"Though you may be growing older, you'll always remain beautiful and sweet!"
I still mean it.
Happy Birthday, Mare! I love you!
Wondering what's up with the title for this post? It's how my sweet Monkey Man sang Happy Birthday to her! "Happy to you, happy to you, happy to you, Mamare!" What a cute little nugget!

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  1. what? she so does not look 73. happy birthday!

    don't forget today is Free Giveaway Friday so be sure to swing by and enter to win!

  2. She looks GREAT!! Happy Birthday Mamare! I love the mom went different too...she is MaeMae....I want hubby and I to be Lolly and Pop when we get grandbabies so when they come over they say they are going to "lollypops house!" hehehe!!

  3. Ahhhhh... :) So sweet you are.

  4. awww cute!!!! i got your package the other day..thank you so much lacey!!! i loved it so much.

  5. You have a great name as well! I came across your blog and I felt like I was reading my own! I love the term blitch! You hang in there too, it's all gonna work out! Don't let stupid boys get you down!
    Oh, and Happy Birthday to your mamare!

  6. You have a great name as well! I came across your blog and I felt like your posts were exactly like something I would write!
    thanks for the support! you hang in there too, what goes around, comes around;)
    Don't let stupid boys keep you down!
    Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday Mamare!

  7. I love your blog. I came across it while reading another blog. Happy Birthday to your Mamare too!

  8. Dropping by from SITS! Have a great day! and Happy Birthday to your loved one!


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