Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lacey is a Yachtsman- Facebook is weird

My Facebook Flair Board

Those of you on Facebook: are you ever aggravated with the constant changes to the site? Also, it seems like everytime they change the site, they give out a little more random information about you on the homepage. Guess what? It's REALLY likely that I DON'T CARE. The most recent update is probably the most annoying so far. If someone updates their status 12 times in a day... they show you all 12 of those updates. AWESOME.

Then there are the random things you can be a fan of. "2 friends are a fan of hot showers", "8 friends are a fan of tacos". I kid you not, I clicked the "fan of hot showers" link and it takes you to Hot Shower's facebook page. I'm all, "Seriously?" and click the 'photos' tab. 173 photos of hot showers. Hahaha.

And of course there are the dumb "applications" that people invite you to do all the time. The most recent one I was sent, I actually accepted. It seemed like it could be interesting, I got sucked in. I'm a sucker. It was an Acrostic or whatever you call it. You know? B.E.N. Ben. B is for Big. E is for Exciting. N is for Noisy. Dumb, but you get it! So... without further adieu, I give you the meaning of LACEY.

Likeable... Well, that's nice. I'd like to think so!

Aggressive... I guess I can be. When it counts. Muahaha.

Cheerful... Actually, in some of those baby name books they say that's what my name means.

Enlightened... Sure, why not?

Yachtsman... Yeah, I don't see why... wait. WTF? Yachtsman?

You got me, Facebook. You got me.

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  1. I so know what you mean. I dont log on until the evenings and then I have 572 requests for water gun fights, 345 drink requests and 821 buy a round or some nonsense. I just shake my head.

  2. I am addicted to facebook but I can't stand the million applications they have on there!

  3. Facebook is so aggravating to me sometimes! I do love the flair though. I have the "pale is the new tan" one too. :) How did you get your flair board to post on your blog? Save it as a photo?

  4. Ooooohhh, I'm on facebook! Let's be friends!

  5. If my newsfeed alerts me of one more quiz a friend has taken, I may possibly lose it. I mean, it's cute and all that they want to know what Buffy the Vampire Slayer character they are, but I don't need a press release about it!

  6. Interesting. Facebook does have A LOT of apps!!

  7. I didn't like the changes made to FB at first, but now love them. You can moderate what you want to be updated on though.

  8. I only use facebook's updates to say innapropriate things, specially those from my blog. I dont bother with the stuff people invite me for...

    You can change the settings for those annoying status updates, you know...

  9. TOtally agree...crazy thing is people spend ALL day on there taking all those quizzes and sending them to us. And then there are the people making up all the quizzes. And the gardens and farms and all that nonsense. I just like to share photos and see what everyone is up to. And to get encouragement. But you are right...everyday I wonder what the heck will be up today and if I will even be able to read people's whole comments...for some reason it isn't letting me do so.

  10. Couldn't agree more! I don't get the is a fan of things. So wierd. I do love your flair though! I have tons!

  11. So funny! Yea i dont get all the 'fan of' things.. some of them are pretty cool, like ocal stores w/ facebook promos and stuff but showers... tacos.... sleeping.... hmm....
    Anyways, dude... FRIEND ME!


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