Monday, May 18, 2009

My Saturday was Robust

The day began at 7am. I rose out of bed, knowing I was already pushing it... no time for snoozing! I did my hair and makeup, and put on the dress I had already ironed and layed out for myself. I drove through Starbucks and told the girl at the window I loved her when she handed me my Grande Caramel Frap. light. She actually said she loved me too and with a straight face! I thought about being disturbed, but laughed instead. She followed suit. I hit the interstate and made it to Mrs. Paul Reiser's door at 8:45am. We smiled for the camera with our arms wrapped around one another, like we've done a hundred times before. I gave her a gift I picked out months ago. Today, my best friend graduated from college. Today, I felt proud!

The gift

"I Love You More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow"
I waited until she'd crossed the stage and made her way back to her seat, and then I made my exit.
On to the next part of my day! It was time for Monkey Man's birthday party! The Big 2! Ugh, breakin' my heart! I begged him to stop growing up NOW. He responded to my plea by jumping in my arms and asking to watch Mickey Mouse on my computer. I'm just going to assume that means we have a deal.

His AMAZING cake! (Monkey Man's name is behind that black block... I put it there, not the baker!)

This is my favorite picture I took of Monkey Man all day. I have plenty of him with his eyes open, but this one feels young and free to me. I love that smile! I LOVE that little boy.

Doll Face's personality is bigger than her smile, if you can believe it! Isn't she gorgeous? This child is rarely in a bad mood... she takes all my troubles away!

Oh, Squishy Baby! This girl is fabulous! She loves her accessories, and she LOVED the swings! She got a kick out of her Daddy and I swinging next to her :) I'm in love!

We blew out the candles, cut the cake, opened presents and played hard on the playground... then it was time for me to head on to the next event of the day!
A crawfish boil for my friend's who are getting married in July!
(The wedding that I'm in, remember?)

At this point I was exhausted, but spent the next three hours relaxing and talking with friends. It was lovely! When I got home, I showered and got in bed! It was 7:00pm! I slept for 3 hours and then waited for Boy to get off of work. Once he was home I headed to his house and we watched tv and chatted about our days until we drifted off to sleep.



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  1. Tons of celebrations for you, how nice! All the babies are sooo cute.

  2. That is a looooong day! Sounds like fun though. :) Those babies are too precious!!!

  3. wow! what a super busy saturday. sounds like you had a great time!

  4. Sounds like fun! I love that necklace, also :)

  5. wow, you had a long and busy day but at least it was packed with fun events!

  6. Sounds like alot of fun! Exhausting but fun!! Love the kids are such a great aunt!!

  7. sounds like a busy weekend! those kids are so adorable!

  8. What an exciting weekend! That cake looks so awesome there!

  9. What a day! At least it was all fun stuff! That necklace is beautiful!

  10. WOW!
    Thats a full day :D
    I love that necklace!! Where did you get it?
    My sister is graduating on saturday and I have no idea what to get her.

  11. I Need that necklace too. Need with a capital N.


  12. that looks like such a fun full saturday!

  13. Sounds like a wonderfully full day. Congrats to your BFF for graduating!


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