Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fashion Friday

It's Friday, already?! It snuck up on me this week!
First of all, today is my Step-Dad's Birthday! He's the greatest man in the world & I feel so blessed that he is a part of my family. Happy Birthday :) I love you!
& Now, my friends, it's time for a little of Summer's Fashion Friday! I forgot to play last week, & then didn't wear anything cute this week. I FAIL. FAIL! Seriously though... have you ever been to Louisiana in the Summertime? You understand where I'm coming from if so! If not, ever been in a steam room? That's it! That's exactly what stepping outside feels like here! It's hard to dress cute in these conditions!
HOWEVER, tonight I think I'm going to head into the city and meet with Boy after work. So, I will do my best to look cute! That's not to say my hair won't end up in a high pony at some point with my bangs curling awkwardly in my face. I know, HOTT.
So here's what I'll be wearing :)
Except my thighs won't be that skinny and adorable! Haha, I'm honest people! Oh & that belt is black... it just looks brown for some reason. Whatever.
Have a lovely weekend, y'all!
OH & P.S. My De-Funk Your Fashion posts will reappear next week!

8 love notes:

  1. sexy mama!!!

    Adorable. And I totally think you're thighs are too that skinny.

  2. Gotta love sexy pants with louboutins, you'll look totally adorable, not that you aren't cuz you are. Happy weekend :)

  3. Cute outfit!
    FL is the same way on hair :(

  4. Love the shoes, love the earrings, adore the bracelet! I don't think I could ever ever pull those jeans off 10 years ago for me. :( I bet you'll look super cute! :)

  5. Cute outfit! I want to play along with Summer, but the outfits were just not up to par this week!

  6. Love the black and red top / dress (I guess it could be either right?)

  7. That is a TOTALLY smokin' outfit! I've always wished I could rock a pair of shoes like that, but for me - it's a broken ankle waiting to happen, and I walk a bit like a duck who just stepped in gum or something. It's not pretty.


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