Monday, June 15, 2009

Wrapped Around My Finger a bandage.
Let's jump right into this story, shall we?
Today, I totally sewed right through my finger while embroidering(with a heavy duty professional machine). The needle went through the top of my fingernail & came out the other side. It was a little less than awesome. It actually wasn't that painful when it happened. I felt a sharp pain and some pressure, I looked down at my hand and saw that my fingernail was punctured. Then, as I turned my finger to the side to get a better look, I saw the tip of the needle sticking out the other side. I stayed freakishly calm, pulled out the needle & then did what any self respecting adult does... I called my Mommy. Oh yes... I could have called my brother who is a firefighter and emt, but in moments like these, a girl just needs her Mom. She went to the doctor with me, where I was told to keep it clean and covered in anti-bacterial ointment. If when I wake up tomorrow it is swollen or I have fever or anything abnormal, then I'll need to go have x-rays to make sure that there isn't needle still in there. I doubt it, because I've broken plenty of sewing machine needles, and never have I seen one break in more than two pieces. Anyway, let's all hope it's fine and dandy, because I really don't want to know what would have to be done to fix that little boo-boo! My finger throbbed for a while after, and is now just really sensitive to the touch. I joked to my Dad earlier that I look like a walking "pull my finger" joke... he agreed, haha!

Life- 1 Lacey- 0

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  1. I was actually going to throw the pull my finger joke thing but after reading the needle came out the other side, my whole funny bone recoiled back into its sack. : ( Feel better.

  2. ouch sounds painful! I accidentally stapled through my finger before and I passed out as soon as it happened.

  3. Believe it or not, I have done the same thing. Pointer finger on left hand. I did mine my senior year in HS which has been more years then I will admit to now. I was in home ec sewing my prom dress. And had to walk down the street to the nurses office where she poured hydrogen peroxide straight through my finger. It was worth it though to see my super girly, squeemish brand-new teacher have to pull the needle out. She even put a new one in my machine and cleaned up the satin while I was gone. Great fun!

  4. Hope you're on the mend soon! Pain is never fun. :(

  5. babe, I love ya, but I couldnt read your post. I started visualizing and almost passed out. I know, Im weak. hope you are feeling okay!

  6. Ahh I have come THISCLOSE to doing that so many times, but I haven't yet. Knock on wood. Yes, I really did just knock on wood. I looked all over your blog for the "Follow" button & can't find it. I too can label myself as an unmarried, childless housewife. I have 2 puppies though & I am their mom, though...
    Anyway, add the follow thingy, would you? Please :)

    Jenna :)

  7. Geez that sounds seriously painful, i'm terrified at blood. I hope it heals soon.


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