Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Dog Ate All My Homework Last Night


Zack Morris style, y'all.

I'm back from my trip, but I'm having a pretty awful week already(and it's only Tuesday), so I'm taking the rest of the week off. I think. You know how that goes! I'll still be lurking around these parts and reading your blogs, I'll just be keeping my yapper shut for a bit.
Hope your week is better than mine!
Oh hey! Do y'all like the new look? Better than the old one? I tried to keep it kind of similar, so people would recognize me! I'm gonna blog about the designer of my header soon! She's fab!

17 love notes:

  1. Awe.
    Sorry you're having a hectic week. I finally got my days off for a few days, then I'm taking this weekend off!

    I like the new look better. Especially the header. Can't wait to read about who did it.

    Hope you have a better week!

  2. Love the new look! (If you like Mexican food, you might like the recipe on my blog today) :) Hope your week is looking up!

  3. Hope your week gets better soon!

  4. Awww....poor poor Lacey.

    Hang in there mama!

  5. Have you seen that Jimmy Fallon is trying to get together a Saved By the Bell Reunion. Love the new look!!

  6. Hope your week gets better! love the new header too

  7. LOVE the new look! Very pretty :)
    && I hope your week stars looking up :)

  8. Hope your week gets better!!! :)

  9. Yes, I love the new look.... "the un-married, childless housewife"... hee-hee!!
    Hope your week gets better!!

  10. I like the new look! And of course, love that picture :)

  11. it's only for a few days that the week seems to get on you, but it'll all even out by week's end, im sure.

    Feel better :)

  12. Ha..ha..yeah I remember all those Zach Morris excuses! LOL!

  13. Can't wait to see piccies of your weekend away! Rest Up. Love the new look.

  14. I don't blame you for taking the week off!
    Mental health...days? Lol
    We will be here when you get back :D
    (and yes, your new look is totally fab)!

  15. A little R&R will be good for you. P.S. Zack Morris rules.


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