Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear Lurky McLurkenstein,

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Here's hoping you play(or get pushed into)traffic real soon.


Ugh, last night I ran up to Walgreen's to get some tylenol for a stupidly long-lasting headache I was nursing. How in the world there was no tylenol in my house, I don't know? When I got out of my car there was a guy who was walking to his car that was parked across the parking lot from me. I felt(and saw) him look me up and down and so I walked a little quicker to get inside. Ick, gross... but whatever, I went about my business. I found the meds and mosied back to my car(not even remembering the whole oggling that had just happened). Well, low and behold, he was lurking on a bench outside of the door. When I realized it, I made sure to keep my glance as far from him as possible. Then came the cat calls. Gahhh, seriously? Do you know the last time, "Come on sexy, have a seat right here."(while patting his lap) worked? No, not a year ago.(I'm concerned about why you would assume that about me, though.) The answer is NEVER! N.E.V.E.R. Why do creepers bother? Did he really think I might come and sit on his lap?

Annnnnyyyyway, I continued walking(very briskly now) when all of the sudden Lurky McLurkenstein gets up off the bench and starts following me to my car! Aghhh! I was so scared. He said, "Girl, don't you walk away from me.", as I was hauling ass to my car. I ran and jumped in and got the hell out of there. I thought about calling the cops, but i didn't actually get a good look at the guy. I came home and was a bit shaken up over the whole thing. I wondered what might have happened if I hadn't felt him coming towards me. I'm not a big, strong girl. I don't know much about defending myself, besides to kick him where it hurts and claw out his eyes. But FOR SURE, I'm weaker than him. I would have been helpless. Who knows?

On the way home, I thanked God that nothing happened to me. I then cursed and wished death on Lurky McLurkenstein. Ergh, what a creeper. I followed up wishing death on him by saying a prayer for him too! Lord knows that guy needs it. NOT that I think my prayer is going to help him out any... but, whatever.

Tomorrow I'm going to invest in a pepper spray keychain. Where might I find one of those?

Have you guys had a run-in with a creeper?

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  1. Ewww Lace that's creepy! You're so pretty, girlie, you shouldve brought a taser or pepper spray maybe!

  2. Oh my goodness how scary! I have had a few incidents like that, but never to wear they actually got up and began chasing me to my car-I would have been horrified!

    When I used to live in Houston I worked late nights so I carried a pepper spray key chain. It did make me feel a little safer to have SOME way to defend myself.

    Glad you are safe!

  3. That is so freakin scary! I would of cried! my Daddy bought my pepper spray at a gun shop :)it's a giant thing on my keys, but i'm glad it's there. I haven't had to use it yet.. thank god.

    I dont get very many creepers in ellensburg. I work til late at night, but the guys that work there that late too usually walk me to my car :)

  4. Eew! Creep-o! You definitely need some pepper spray. Just don't buy it at Wal-Mart...I bet it wouldn't even work.

  5. Ugh this place is crawling with them. Kenny taught me (when he got super paranoid about me living alone) to always hold my keys with one pointing up, held tight, and ready to go. You can always use your car key as a weapon. If someone grabs you from behind you can jab that key somewhere on his face or in his neck. Morbid, right? You'll have to join us for Kitchen Karate one day. :)

  6. Yipes! Scary! Yeah, I've heard that trick with the keys too, except I put 2-3 keys between fingers so I'm like Wolverine...! I'm so glad you're okay!

  7. oh that is so scary, I'm so glad you're safe

  8. I would have freaked out and called the police for sure!! Get that pepper spray asap.

  9. Oh Lacey, I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. Sounds very scary to say the least, but you handled it very well.

    And YES - pepper spray! Good call.

  10. wow... creepy indeed. I also have had a couple of run ins with some weirdos.. eventhough I'm a dude.. WTF!

  11. So scary! The hubs was telling me that I need pepper spray. I couldn't get away from anyone if I wanted to! I guess it isn't a bad idea.


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